1. I have had succes removing water stains by bending the leather, you could try that. I think I got the tip here at the forum. Wish you luck! Always so sad especially when the first scratch or mark appears...
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  2. Does anybody have any tips of how to get large water stains out of bags!? Bending isn't working for me :sad:
  3. Hi everyone,

    Probably a stupid question but I purchased the medium continental wallet in oxblood for my mums birthday and wanted it waterproofed etc before giving it to her (as she'd forget). But I was wondering whether I should use collonil leather gel on the inside nappa lined part of the purse?

    Thank you for help!
  4. I owned an oxblood continental purse for a while... only treated the outside (with collonil gel as you suggest), not the inside - and it was completely fine.
    However if you want to be super careful, why not treat the inside as well for peace of mind?
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  5. I must be crazy...... I sprayed mine with waterstop spray too i do this with suede linings of bags too
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  6. Thank you for the advice guys!
  7. Hello there! Could I please ask for your expert advice, after recently joining many Mulberry buy and sell Facebook groups which has be lethal I please need help on protecting and cleaning, I'm going to purchase the carbon pro to waterproof but what would you recommend to clean, I have all different leathers, Daria ,Anthony, Alexa, Ledbury, mitzy and lily silky snake would there be one to use on all. Thank you

  8. Hi :smile:, there's loads of info in the reference library and I'm confident you will find the info you need. Enjoy your collection