1. Wondering if anyone has the classic cashmere scarf in check and hearts in the colour Parade Red? As there is no Burberry store where I live I would have to order online and as it's an expensive scarf (for me) I would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone who either owns or has seen this scarf in person. Is it soft falling and flexible, does it wear well over time? Modelling pics would be great.
    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
  2. No one? Maybe I will hold off for now and will hopefully make it to a Burberry store during an overseas trip at the end of the year.
  3. I dont have hearts one but the classic with monogram and its soft falling, very good quality, flexible yes but not too flexible that it doesnt hold the knot under the neck well. It wears well, altho my DBF has to have freshly shaven face otherwise scarf is pilling :giggle: thats ofc normal, happens to any other cashmere scarf he owns... I liked the look of red heart one, it makes the classic more fun ;). A relative has vintage scarf and its still gorgeous!
  4. Thank you GrRoxy, I appreciate your reply. Think I will probably take the plunge and order the scarf for the winter. Enjoy your weekend.
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  5. I don't have the classic check in hearts, but i do have the classic in python print (one side)- I believe it's only the design that's different. I love my scarf, and I've worn it a lot in the last few months. It still looks great and I haven't seen any evidence of wear. It's very soft and flexible.

    Modelling shot below, this is how I normally wear it.

  6. I have 2 of them, with the monogram.. My daughter has one and she wears it most of the time. She has spilled food and drinks on the scarf and it turned out fine.
    The scarfs are very soft and feel luxurieus. I ordered mine online and it came in a lovely round box.IMG_1500215326.733727.jpg
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  7. Thank you rugratsfc and DiJe40 for your replies, both your scarves look great.
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  8. I have the classic check in tan and the classic Check in light pink. They are fabulous and very good quality IMHO. I live in the Midwest with long winters and these scarves keep me warm and they look great. I wear them almost daily in winter.
  9. Thank you Baglover600, I also have my eye on the classic check in light pink, it's a lovely scarf, very tempting:smile:. I had thought of getting one scarf in children's size to save on costs, though at just 5ft 2, I think it might still be just a tad short.
  10. This is gorgeous!
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