1. I love that color. Enjoy your Bordeaux Florentine zip Barlow.
  2. I've admired this bag for quite some time, yours is simply beautiful!
  3. I encourage you to buy one :smile: It's totally worth it. I bought mine during dooney's 4th of july promotion.
    Seriously, the three compartments are ingenious and the side zips allow the bag to expand about 2 inches on either side. The snaps are also magnetic and also snap lol, so it's very secure bag. It also passed the elbow test, and it molds itself to your body and arm. I've never owned such a well designed, beautiful and functional bag.
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  4. It's a beautiful handbag. But be aware, the Florentine side zip Barlow is a heavy handbag because of the leather and the size. If you are sensitive to the weight of a handbag, that might be a problem. It is for me. I own a Florentine side zip Barlow but rarely use it because of the weight.
  5. 20170715_085318.jpeg

    Pebble Grain Kendall in Midnight Blue. Just can't decide if I should keep her or not.....
  6. BW: I love the color and the look of the handbag. Does the drawstring style work for you?

    I don't mind the bucket bag styling or the drawstring itself, but for me these style bags don't stay on my shoulder very well... somehow the length is just at the place that they hit my hip.

    Since everyone is a different height and shape, many ladies love these drawstrings. I have a collection, because I love the look.... but they don't work for me. And the longer strap isn't good for hand carry, which would be my preference anyway. That's why I was delighted when the Florentine Buckely came out with regular handles as well as a strip.
  7. I'm about 5'5". It does hit my hip but the strap is pushed out to the longest length. The depth is what is bothering me. It is 8" deep. So it feels so wide. I am a shoulder bag girl, so that's good but I am afraid it will hit my hip instead of staying in place. And, as minor as this may seem, I had forgotten that the interior pocket was too narrow for my smart phone, I have a galaxy s7. I think it may go back .
  8. [​IMG]

    I have the small Kendall bags. Maybe that is a better size for you. They are a perfect size for me.
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  9. That might be a better fit. Love your colors!!
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    Received some goodies a few days ago! Orange samba, Olive Chelsea, lavender Olivia and beige cabbage rose wallet. Now my cabbage rose wallet collection is complete.
  11. Stephg: Enjoy all your new treasures. I love the colors and the styles. The orange samba and the olive Chelsea are rare finds.
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  12. Hello everyone :smile: happened to pop into TJ Max today and by chance saw this pretty girl. Clearanced at under $100!! Looks pristine!
  13. Did she come home with you?
  14. Absolutely!! Great work bag
  15. Pic will come later as we are driving home but the DE outlet trip was a tax free success. I technically picked three bags but one is going up for Xmas so I have two to share. I also went to the Pandora outlet which brought me to a scary credit card place lol. They add up without you noticing
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