1. Crosso, are you in the Triangle?
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    Hi LunaDoo I'm happy you like your new bangle:smile: It looks quite true to the sellers pics and looks great on you! I see a little black vein which reminds me of my bangle - the one I wear everyday on my left. Here are a couple of random pics taken recently when I was out.
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  3. Ooh, look how luminous yours is!
  4. Thank you LunaDoo! If I do say so myself this bangle is prettier in person because it is watery. The colours remind me of the earth and while there is a bit of brownish/ yellowish green in it which is not a desirable colour I don't mind it. It adds to the earthiness lol:smile:
    I hope you love wearing yours as much as I do mine.
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  5. I have recently started getting into jade. My dad bought be a light purple pendant and my grandma have me green pendant. They are both pretty light in color, I heard that when you wear them alot the color changes? How true is that? I have an aunt who swears that when she first got her jade pendant it was a dark color but over time as she wore it more, it became a nice green color.
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    This is the only one I own . It seems to be more like periwinkle color. Which I think is cool . Seems to be very soothing color , I love it ,thank u for asking . I see depending on the lighting violet purple tint .
  7. Well after doing some research .I found out it's all good.Thank you anyway for your help ladies. EVERYONE HERE IS SO NICE .WANT TO WISH YOU ALL WONDERFUL WEEKEND JADE LOVERS
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    I never said ,thank , for letting me be part of this jade forum .I enjoy reading all the lovely stories. Some many wonderful pictures of jade. The collections people own so very amazing too . I'm amazed at all the different colors and textures too.
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  9. Hi there Jadies!

    I haven't posted here in a while, but I do try to look at all the lovely pieces when I can. All the new additions are just beautiful! Now that I have settled into the new house, I would love to share some of my Jade purchases again This one is one of my favorite pieces I hope everyone is doing well

    Seller's photo

    My photos (not much sun out today)

    Finally a bit of sun (ugh my hands are so dry )
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  10. Hi CRose!! Happy that you're settling into your new home:smile: I like your pendant and I think your pics look even better than the sellers. Very translucent and I like the blue tinge in your pics.
    The tiles on your floors look great too by the way :smile:
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  11. Hey 2BJM! Thank you so much for your kind words I am truly loving the house. Also, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have learned so much on this forum and met some really nice Jadies too! I'm trying to tone down my Jade buying/ addiction and I'm failing badly at it lol
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  12. Lol don't fight the addiction!!
    I am happy you are loving your new home. It's so exciting:smile:
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  13. LOL Hahahaha, that really made me laugh out loud. Thanks so much for your support 2BJM I tried to find another less expensive thing to collect and it just didn't work. Jade definitely has me hooked
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  14. I happened to see this post today and coincidentally, I am wearing a bangle quite similar to yours. It's icy white with a patch of olive green and I'm very fond of it. Here it is:

  15. Hi BreadnGem I can see why you're fond of your bangle. It's so pretty and delicate. Absolutely gorgeous on you.