1. Please share your Faye with us when you get it!
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  2. My first Chloe bag and my first post in the Chloe forum! Usually can find me in Chanel :p

    Here she is, the small Faye in red. I thought it was unique as it was not suede on the top flap (I was a little hesitate to purchase a suede bag).
  3. IMG_1499298585.279481.jpg I found this beauty. Although it is slightly big on me but I don't mind!
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  4. Hi! Currently lusting over the faye. I saw a few posts here with a gorgeous dark purple color. When I look at the Chloe site NM etc they show a "plum purple " but it looks more red to me? Anyone know if it's a true plum purple like last seasons ? Or a variation of purple at least vs red. Thanks!
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  5. The plum purple is an amazing color- I would say it goes a little burgundy. Last year's version was more of a true purple/ cool spectrum undertone, whereas this version has more of a red undertone. The bag does change with the lighting, which I find makes it really interesting. .
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  6. I bought the Plum Purple Faye a couple of weeks ago and she is def my Favorite bag! So comfortable on the shoulder and looks great with every outfit. Also love to wear her as a clutch sometimes.

  7. Loving my plum purple medium Faye

  8. Loving the new Faye bracelet bags. They're a fun twist to the Faye. Won't fit much. Then again, you can't have it all. :biggrin:
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  9. Was there a price increase on the mini Faye? It's currently $795 but I thought it used to be less in the past. I could be wrong though.
  10. It's been $795 as long as I can remember!
  11. Introducing my first Chloe bag... The Small Faye in Mottle Grey !
  12. Absolutely stunning! Congrats!!! That is sure to last you a long time :smile:
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  13. My beautiful faye! All leather ❤️
  14. I'm about to receive my first ever Chloe bag, the medium Faye in Motty Grey! The colour is gorgeous however I'm slightly worried about protecting the suede. Should I just leave it, or should I treat it with a suede protector? Suggestions would be very much appreciated!
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