1. Yes you are right. I was asking in hopes of someone being able to check if their items are legitimate. Or if anyone has a seller that they go to for bags on eBay if they could share it would be appreciated. Ive purchased bags before, just not this particular style.
  2. You can always start a thread asking for reputable sellers on eBay.
  3. Hello, can you please authenticate this bag for me? Sadly I have very strong feeling it's fake. Thank you.
    IMG_20170713_190638.jpg IMG_20170713_190541.jpg IMG_20170713_190551.jpg IMG_20170713_190603.jpg IMG_20170713_190445.jpg IMG_20170713_190409.jpg IMG_20170713_190333.jpg IMG_20170713_190302.jpg IMG_20170713_190255.jpg
  4. It looks ok so far. I would still need to see pics of the interior, the heat stamp, & the made in country tag to make a 100% determination.
  5. Oh, thank you. I wish it's authentic! I see three red flags (but maybe I'm just too paranoid about fakes :smile:) - I didn't find pink Selma Jewel on Google, croocked Michael Kors letters and suture in the middle of the bottom lining. Otherwise, everything else is perfect.
  6. I am hoping someone could look at this bag for me and authenticate or give it a thumbs down. I have a friend that is selling some that she bought used, assuming they were real. The first one was a fake (thanks to this site, I knew it before buying!). She isn't trying to pass them off, just doesn't know. She can use the $$, so am happy to buy them if they are real! It is 14" wide, 13" high and 4.5" deep. Thanks so much! IMG_3205.JPGIMG_3208.JPGIMG_3209.JPGIMG_3210.JPGIMG_3211.JPGIMG_3213.JPGIMG_3214.JPG
  7. Thank you so much. I will ask the seller for those pictures and post them here. Thank you for all of your help!!
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  8. Thanks for taking a look. There is no heat stamp or made in country tag in the bag at all!
  9. Sorry but this is fake.:tdown:
  10. Do you have a link to the sale?
  11. I bought it on Ebay (http://www.ebay.de/itm/micheal-kors-handbag/272716073281?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649) ... I asked seller for additional photos, everythings looked fine. Maybe it was an impulse buy but I really wanted raspberry or fuchsia bag, seller confirmed this color, but in real it's much darker color. So the firt dissapointment of the color and the second this bad feeling of authenticity ...
  12. The lettering being somewhat crooked & the seam in the bottom lining are things that sometimes gets missed by quality control & does not necessarily mean it's not authentic.
  13. OK, thank you! :smile: