1. Thanks... my initial reaction to PM is that it is a good, streamlined app for listing - EXCEPT for the photos area where uploading photos that you have already taken elsewhere is simply horrible. Not sure if this is a showstopper for me in using the app. Their app crops photos to square and there is no way to realign them I have found.
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  2. I get notified through email. Poshmark is full of lowballers and scammers. Most of my best buyers are new to Poshmark and buy at the asking price. The ones that lowball usually are never satisfied and are the problem buyers. Just make sure you keep all transactions and conversations on Poshmark and you should be safe.
  3. thanks, I got one of those lowball offers, do you just ignore them or does PM like you to reply? I prefer to just ignore. There's no private communication, at any rate.
    Overall I like the listing process on posh.
  4. I always reply to offers, even the insulting ones. I don't like to call people out in the comments though, just use the counteroffer feature. I've found that some people end up offering a fair price if you counter, they just start low to see what they can get.

    I try not to take it too personally anymore, though sometimes it's still annoying. If it's a super ridiculous offer, I have occasionally countered with my exact listing price rather than decline, just to give them the hint that they aren't even close.
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  5. If the offer is in the comments I usually tell them to use the offer button. I never respond to comment offers but if someone uses the offer button I will either counter offer or accept. Lately I have sold 3 items at asking price and these were higher priced items so sometimes it works out great.
  6. thanks... thats why I am posting on here, I don't really know how the site is used. I will reply with the counteroffer (which I have not seen/used yet).

    My other question is about shares. I got a few hundred followers right away just by listing. PM does seem to have a lot of traffic at any rate. I have only a few shares because I am so new. You are supposed to share from somebody's closet whenever they share one of yours? What do you do- just look in their closet and find the thing you like and "share on poshmark"? Seems like that would take a lot of time every day.

    Also at least for me, PM's search is as bad as Tradesy right now. Search on DOMA jackets, a bunch of purses come up. things like that. Unless my listings are not coming up because they are new, no one will find my stuff (which is the same problem I have with Tradesy).
  7. thanks- I'm already wise to the lowballers/frequent questioners, etc - people that take up a ton of time about wanting to buy a listing- from eBay. I find you never hear from the best buyers. They might ask for dimensions or some detail, then the next night they buy. Thats the kind of buyer I am. I have bought one item on PM and I paid the ask, didn't even communicate with the seller even though there was a huge buzz going on in the comments about the jacket.

    I listed a desirable leather jacket on eBay for $399. This woman kept contacting me about it. Finally I caved and discounted it a little and shipped it. 3 weeks later she contacts me stating that there were "holes" on one of the sleeves she didn't see earlier and wanted to file a NAD claim. Never again, I've decided not to communicate too much with these sorts, just give them dimensions and some details and thats it.
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  8. The sharing isnt required, it's just "polite". You can choose to share as much or as little as you like. I used to share all the time, but it never really helped my sales so I stopped.

    You can sort your search by category, brand, price, etc... people can find your stuff if they know how to organize their searching. Takes a little practice but I find it to be pretty easy :smile:
  9. I wouldn't be insulted by lowball offers. As a buyer, you have to put in way lower than what you want to pay because when you put in a reasonable offer ($3 or $5 lower than asking price) there are sellers who want to diddle around to make a couple dollars. I know the 20% is a lot on the sellers end, but the $6.50 shipping is substantial for buyers.

    I usually watch items until the seller drops to a price they are comfortable selling and then just buy it. Because I want a pleasant transaction, not one where seller is upset about a 'lowball' first offer or fighting for those couple extra dollars.
  10. Sorry for the bonehead question, but how to do you where these "parties" are? I just upated a listing and when I saved it, there was an option to share to the summer style party. But I can't see how to join this party/ There is nothing like that on my feed, that I can see- of course it could be way down there- this site is WAY NOISY...
  11. At the bottom of your screen on the red bar, click the magnifying glass icon that says "shop". On that page are some categories, the fourth one down is "Parties". You can join any current parties and see what parties are upcoming. Hope that helps!
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  12. Are you using the app? Some things won't appear when using an internet browser. In the app, i can find parties from the shop tab. Parties is the fourth heading down on mine.
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  13. LOL, thanks yes I am using the app... I was able to find these parties on the browser- there is a "parties" menu in the banner on the browser, but i couldn't find it it on the app, and honestly if you had not pointed it out on the <shop> menu, it probably would have taken me eons to locate it... thanks!!!
    So far I am enjoying using PM... there are a lot of neat features... I'm not a big seller so I don't expect too many sales but a few are fine..
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  14. I like Poshmark but there are some snarky ladies on there. I put a couple of Louboutins, brand new, and they were making fun of my listing. I just ignored them as I ended up selling them at the prices I originally wanted. Right now I've got tons of high end stuff on them and I do have the highest ratings but for my Valentinos, Louboutins and Celines, I tend to sell more quickly on Vestiare. I had someone lowball offer me on my Anya Hindmarch items and mind you my stuff are all brand new but I just ignore them. I mean they are reasonable.

    I had one chick keep pestering me for one item and lol she wore me out I guess I felt bad for her and eventually caved in but no more.
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  15. Has anyone been seeing an influx of more fake profiles commenting right after you put an item up for sale? I just listed 20 or so designer items today and I had 4-5 profiles all with fake gibberish usernames saying:

    "Hello,how much is it ? kindly text me on {insert email} to let me know the firm price...Regards"


    "Email me the final price and more pictures reply to {insert email} Asap"


    "Hello.how are you doing is your still Available for sale? I'm much interested in buying the item from you kindly get back to me at (insert email)..Thanks..."