1. Louboutins hands down
  2. for $1000? loubs. i could get a lovely exotic skin or a strassed shoe. i like jc for their simplicity as someone has noted
  3. ita
  4. Ditto.

    Every few seasons JC will come out with a few pairs that wow me but for the most part they really aren't my style, same with Manolo.

    Louboutin makes show stoppers, super high, and sexy; much more my preference.
  5. That would be a dream come true..:smile:
  6. Thank you everyone for all the helpful comments..

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    Decesions, decisions..

    Reasons: Depending on what you like. Jimmy choo can be more elegant and strapy for something more subtle. For me i find that CL makes his shoes soooo beautifully fit to women's feet and the arch and proportion of the shoe and everything is stunning when its on your foot. Also They are extremely unique IMO. But the pumps of CL are like no other!
  8. I'd have to say CL. I love my CLs, and they are so eye-catching. If you're spending $1000 on a shoe, especially if you don't have any other CLs (not sure if this is the case?) then you MUST get yourself a pair. :smile:
  9. Louboutins. CLs are are beautiful pieces of art, IMO.
  10. CL is champagne, strawberry, and whipped cream. JC is red wine, oysters, and a touch of red chilli peppers. Both are luxurious and gorgeous. But if I needed to choose, I would go for JC.
  11. I would likely choose Choos IF paired against a mostly similar Loub. If the happens to be comfortable enough, then perhaps the Loub.