1. Every time I see your green bag, I think I need one.
    "Hi, Squirtle! You're a great sport to pose with the pillow bag."
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  2. Bracelet stack. In SAN waiting for our connection to MSY.
  3. Nuvolato Lido braving the heat to go out to lunch.
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  4. Stunner!!!! :heart:
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  5. I love this bag! Luckily the straps are adjustable so I can carry it on my shoulder.
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  6. First time bringing out my Silver Metal Knot ️
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  7. Thank you! I do polished better than relaxed, but as BV can do both, I am trying to learn.....

    Great bag - and perfect style for summer
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  8. Amazed to see how it looks like weaved straw but actually leather! Must be very 'fluffy'! (To borrow my son's description of BV as 'fluffy' bag as the leather is so soft)
  9. It is 'fluffy' but it's also a bit heavy. All those leather tubes woven together add some weight to it. But I still love it for a summer bag. It reminds me of the bales of hay at the stables during my equestrian days.
  10. After a good 10 days of the Pacific pillow, the newly acquired Denim Cervo Loop in the smaller size. What a fantastic proportion. I know it is available in the US but the Spanish VAT refund turned it into a great deal that I didn't want to pass up.
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  11. Modeling shots of your new bag would be greatly appreciated....
  12. Yes modeling shots please!!!
  13. IMG_1500304824.635624.jpg

    Medium belly veneta
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  14. I saw this at Heathrow airport and was so so so tempted. But i didn't know where to wear this to and gave it a miss. Where do you wear it to? It's beautiful - so elegant!
  15. +1!