2. Thank you. I really am enjoying it.
  3. Fendi heart chain wallet.20170705_173726watermark .jpg
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  4. I know I already commented on the Coach thread, but this satchel is truly stunning!!
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  5. Omg. I'm melting...how adorable!!!
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  6. My last bag purchase is this cutie =D been wanting it for a very long time, it's the TPM size which is the smallest of the evelyne family.
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  7. My latest purchase is a true classic, the Louis Vuitton Grande Noé in Monogram Canvas. Also bought a cute bandeau to dress her up a little bit.
    LVoe my Noé :love:
    2017-07-15 20.37.56.jpg
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  8. Got LV LockMe II BB last week. This is my new favourite bag. I think it's very versatile. From everyday casual to evening event. Great for travel too. If you can only carry one bag for your whole trip, I think this will be it. IMG_1500234994.584494.jpg
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  9. IMG_1500235147.676710.jpg

    My latest purchase was LV LockMe II BB which I got last week. I am so in love with this bec. I find it very versatile. You can carry it as an everyday casual or to an evening event. It is also best for travel especially if you're limited to the pieces of bags you can carry. I think this is the bag for that.
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    Bottega Veneta Cabat in Quetsche (pre-loved and with Nodini treatment)

    I'd been looking for a bag in this color (from 2013) and was thrilled to stumble across one in this limited edition style. This is my version of a black bag.
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  11. IMG_2344.JPG Bought an Alexander Wang tote today. The leather is wonderful, very thick but supple. The color is black, but it seems to have some charcoal color when in sunlight.
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  12. Love this bag and have been looking fir a long time. :smile: Do you mind share the tag style numbers? Tia
  13. IMG_3240.JPG IMG_3344.JPG IMG_9276.JPG
    Anniversary haul (last month) and on the ban island until Christmas. :smile: Maybe one more Reissue in caramel ghw :smile:
  14. Gucci floralIMG_6884.JPG