1. Also looking for a Nano in Kohl. Please let me know if there any still lingering around in boutiques or department stores!
  2. i dont think celine nano in grained leather ever comes with gold hardware. Gold harware only found in smooth leather, while silver hardware only found in grained leather :smile:
  3. I have silver hardware on my smooth so it is possible.
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    I have a micro so it may be different. I feel like Celine comes out with "not so normal" things sometimes though lol

    Edit: thanks for the link but my bag isn't fake....
    Also, check out fall2017. They have a few grained nanos with GHW. I'm not sure why your SA told you grained nanos ONLY came with SHW
  5. maybe different case with the micro, sorry for the confusion but what I meant is nano in BLACK color. I know that other colors like red and indigo grained leather comes with GHW :biggrin: