1. Good afternoon, dear connoisseurs! Can you determine the authenticity of the YSL bag? Really need your help! thank you so much!
  2. I Need expert-help ((
  3. Item: Patent Black Matelasse Leather YSL Yves Saint Laurent Designer Bag New
    Listing Number:172783106374?
    Seller: arikat77
    Comments: hello everyone could anyone please tell me if this bag is real? I really want to buy it. I know it's a bag from 2008. thank you very much.I'm new here.
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  4. Fake
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  6. Fake
  7. I need more pics from inside and prints
  8. Thank you so much!!!!
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  9. hi.. i'm new here.. i bought the small ysl from selfridges online and what came were only the box, woc & dust bag. What should i actually expect? It was supposed to come with the square leather, care card, authentic card, silica gel (lol), etc right?
  10. Dear experts!
    Many thanks for your help!
    I dream to buy a bag YSL - but I'm afraid to buy a fake.
    Could you look at this beautiful bag with a professional look?

  11. Thank you so much. Im beginning to think I Best pay full price in store with so Many fakes around. Deffo wont buy without a receipt anymore
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