1. Thank you :smile:
  2. The Cartier website is down for maintenance. I hope this has nothing to do with a us price increase!
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  3. The whole Cartier.com is under maintenance. They are upgrading their system. This is the Swiss site
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  4. On their website the prices are still the same??
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  5. Watches prices have gone up. E.g. 33mm BB was £4600 yesterday, it is now £4,850.
  6. Thanks. I just looked at the jewellery
  7. Jewellery prices have gone up too on the UK website...
  9. They have changed now. In the early morning the Love bracelet was still 5050 GBP now it is 5300
  10. Did the prices go up on the USA website?
  11. nope, I just checked
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  12. Thank you!:wave:
  13. Saw the JUC bracelet price went up on U.K. website too. So relieved I bought it a few months ago...
  14. Prices on Selfridges website are still the same
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  15. Based on the cost of the love in Europe and the U.K. I don't think the us is safe for long. I imagine we will see a price increase in the coming year if the pound and euro continue to strengthen.