1. Thanks! There is no origin tag, and there doesn't appear to be a place where one was torn off. I don't know enough about Hermes to know if all scarves have them? The hem is hand stitched & rolled forward (toward the "front" of the design) I may take a few more pics to post. The funny part is that the lady running the sale even said, "That's an authentic Hermes" right before she said $10. My husband said I had the $10 out before she even finished her sentence.
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  2. Not me but my sister scored a barely used Louis Vuitton MM Neverfull for 175 at an estate sale. Apparently the woman just put everything on her table and sold things. It's authentic. My sister does not know other brands and she kept telling me she also had Bal . . . . I said Balenciaga? She said also lots of Lboutins? I nearly freaked but oh well . . . I'm happy she got her bag.
  3. Again, there is a knowledgeable collector, always happy to help on the eBay Fashion Board (Vanessa).
  4. Thanks for the info!!!
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    Didn't know we were allowed to mention other members whom post outside this forum here.

    I thought I could help because I have found and purchased (preowned from ts) and authenticated quite a few Hermes scarves as well.

    Believe me, she knows me on the other board.
  6. Sorry if I contributed to the confusion... I thought she meant the ebay section on this forum. I'm not a member on any other forums.
  7. I could be wrong, but that authenticator participates outside this forum and, yes she is very good. I did see the rolled hems of your scarf in a subsequent picture of the scarf tied to your Louis Vuitton bag and I am positive it is genuine. Again, some people don't want their names mentioned on other boards or forums, so I am unsure what her response may or may not be, but when I see her help others she has always been kind and warm.

    A yard sale? Thud. (On the floor)

    I am hearing wonderful things about yard sales recently...especially the ones where the ex-spouse didn't want anything to do with the person who gifted or left their items...people finding gold and diamond rings and earrings from .50 cents to five dollars. Yard sales are too early for me. Was it somewhere close?
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    We live in a fairly large city, and the sale was not too far from us. We do NOT get up early to go to sales! :lol: We were out doing some other errands & saw a sign. This was probably around noon or so. It was obviously a cleanout of an older person's (parent's?) home, most of the nicer items were vintage 70s/80s. The scarf was actually in the middle of a huge pile on the ground in the middle of the driveway. There was also a Gucci wallet which seemed authentic (markings correct etc.), but I wasn't sure it was leather, so I passed.

    We used to frequent estate sales, but now so many people are trying to become "flippers" and resell to make a living off ebay, that it's impossible to find anything. Usually there are resellers lined up at 7 AM the day the sale starts and they will push & shove. I'd rather miss out on some deals than deal with that. There's nothing I need that badly!
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  9. "You always buy a black Hermes scarf or a red Chanel bag because you will definitely make your money back should you decide to resell it"

    This is what a consignment owner once told me. It was her "golden" rules for thrifting.
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  10. I found the Dior's at GW Yesterday for $5.45. I met the "Two Cheap Blondes" as well. They had brought out two boxes of shoes. I pulled Manolos but returned them back and she picked them up. That's when I found the Dior's. Two Cheap blondes have a blog and are on television discussing their thrifted finds. I believe I should get a shout out for the Manolos. 20170718_113714.jpg
  11. image.jpg NWT Vera Bradley backpack at 9.99 I couldn't leave it there!
  12. Sorry I did not know we were not allowed! Next time, I'll just PM.
  13. Had a great day! Want to share my 18kt gold brooch, enamel, rubies and diamonds..$2.50 I found the Sterling Bulgari bracelet and key ring. I have to post my other finds.20170719_175736.jpg
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  14. I also found this Bottega for $10...20170719_191242.jpg
  15. You're on a roll!