1. This bag looks amazing. The price on the Fatigue is a great deal, but I love the Light Saddle color the most. Decisions.
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  2. The light saddle is gorgeous in person. Actually I like all the colors it comes in. I was able to do a comparison to the bandit as well. While the bandit was beautiful itself. I would struggle with the removable bag.
  3. Thanks SEWDimples I agree. The Fatigue price is amazing. It's a gorgeous bag in all three colors but I loved the saddle the most. So I decided to take the 40% F&F off the one I really wanted. Good luck deciding. There isn't a bad color choice!!
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  4. Yep. That's what I used it for too. :tup:
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  5. Love it!!
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  6. IMG_2337.JPG IMG_2341.JPG IMG_2343.JPG IMG_2347.JPG This is my first Edie. I always thought I wouldn’t like a handbag with chains on the handles, but I’m really loving it. The Cloud color is so beautiful. Also I think the bag charm just completes the look.
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  8. Great match with the charm! Love the look!
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  9. Have you guys seen this one at Neiman Marcus? Arggghhh I'm such a sucker for that shade of brown too