1. I am contemplating a medium Lady Dior in black lambskin but my style is pretty casual. Most of the time I'm in all black denim and a blazer and flats. It's rare that I dress up. Do you think this bag is best suited to a style that's more dressy?
  2. I found the original Lady Dior to be quite formal-looking, but I just purchased the grained calfskin version in the medium size and it has a more casual vibe, definitely better suited to my casual lifestyle! It comes in black as well. I'll include a photo of mine.

  3. The Lady dior can be casual if you style it right. I think the supple version is best for that effect (grainy is the best because it isn't too slouchy) and the wider shoulder does lend itself to being more everyday than evening. The new studded lambskin options are also quite edgy and have a more casual feel (I got a mini myself). The My Lady dior option is also great as it has the wider strap and the fun charms to go with, and is an in between size that can be dressed up or down.

    There are definitely options for a more casual look!
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  4. +1
  5. I just bought the classic lady dior medium in black patent leather with gold hardware... I think it's hard to dress casual with it... as it's GHW. I will stick with formal wear
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  6. I have the medium GHW black lambskin and it's actually very versatile! I often style it with my other casual clothes, ripped jeans, strapless shirt. It looks lovely and youthful over the shoulder.
  7. Absolutely, the Lady Dior is extremely versatile.
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  8. Yes, I don't see why not. I think it's easy to make any bag casual, but the reverse is a bit more tricky.
  9. Based on your description of your usual clothing, I think you'll look great! Especially if you get the grained rather than patent leather. Bags that lean a bit more dressy usually do well with clothing, accessories, and shoes that have "visual weight", even if the overall vibe is casual. Meaning long or thicker texture pants like boyfriend jeans, chunkier accessories and shoes, and tops and jackets with texture.

    These types of casual style question threads always fascinate me. My first question is always "what do you define as casual?" Location and climate play a huge role. For instance, a blazer in my city instantly reads dressy even if it has a casual vibe. I would inevitably get asked, "are you going somewhere? You look fancy"

    I think these type of casual outfits would look great with the lady dior.

    This looks similar to what you say you wear:
    Even this might work:

    When I'm talking super casual though, I'm referring to this. I would have a hard time styling a LD with these outfits in the middle of summer. Where I'm from, these outfits are par the course for 9 months out of the year.
    Your mileage may vary, of course. This is just my opinion! :smile: but I think you should go for it!
  10. I use my medium red patent lady dior in shw with jean and slipper, it helps tone down the color as red can be very 'asking for attention' but I love it anyway.
  11. Thanks for the pics, and the commentary! The first pic few pics are definitely how I lean in terms of dress. I never ever wear short but do often wear a blazer with jeans. I think I can make it work!
  12. I have the Medium black LD in lambskin with gold hardware and it is very versatile! It looks very chic with denim, and so ladylike and elegant dressed up. It's a sophisticated bag, and I highly recommend going with the original in Medium size. It's a bag you'll be able to wear forever. I fall more in love with mine every time I carry it.
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  13. I have the LD in black lambskin, SHW. See profile pic. I often wear leggings/jeans, casual etc, doesn't stop me using my LD. Makes me smile when I use her too. You go for it :biggrin:. I get compliments on her all the time too.
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  14. I'm in the same boat as you are, been wanting a Med Lady Dior for a while with lambskin/SHW. My style is also casual. My suggestion would be to go into a Dior store with the casual style you usually wear and check it out yourself and that is what I've done. I'm in love with it. So now I'm saving up for one. The Lady Dior is so beautiful with the cannage stitching, so your outfit doesn't have to be a certain way to match it because the Lady Dior bag speaks for itself already, which is why it can do both.
  15. I don't see why mediums can't be worn casually, especially in the black color. I have a soufre sort of yellow MLD and I wear it with casuals all the time. just bear in mind that lambskin scratches very easily (esp. around the corners), so, do avoid jeans as much as possible...
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