1. Anyone know the most recent price for 90 x 90 and 140 x 140 scarves?
  2. Hi ianskee, what is the colour for halzan and what is the size?
  3. Hi ice75, I saw a pink and a barenia. Mini and 31 are both available.
  4. 90x90 should be $590, not so sure about 140x140. Hope this helps!
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  5. Thanks dear.I'm looking for blue Halzan.
  6. Try calling :smile: They might have something in the back especially almost everything they had on display is either blue zanzibar or blue hydra (at least the toolbox and jypsiere I saw last night)
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  7. I saw a blue halzan at Taka yesterday. I think it is blue Zanzibar. Size is the big one not mini size.
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  8. Thanks Miss Al. I find blue Zanzibar too bright for my lifestyle. I prefer dark blue
  9. Hi fellow tpf members, I am planning for a vacation to Singapore and will visit Lecrin. What's your experience buying a b or k from them? Hope you guys can share some info. Thanks.
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  10. It only take me 10mins to step out the shop lol
  11. Why? Too expensive or nothing attractive?
  12. Ridiculously expensive. Walked passed the store 2 days ago and a chèvre rose Sakura With etoupe piping SO birkin with horseshoe stamped bag is over 40K. This doesn't even come with any receipt from H. But they will tell you that they have been around for over 10 years and you can bring your bag to H store for a spa just to prove that their bags are not fakes.
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  13. Wow..I noticed that resellers selling at ridiculous price nowadays and some are not even new. Thanks for your input ya.
  14. Besides the outrageous prices, their attitude stinks.
  15. Just want to share my lovely spa/repair process with Hermes Ngee Ann city branch. Brought my birkin 30 for general cleaning and was pleasantly surprised when it only took 2 months! FYI, it costs 420sgd. They managed to remove the black 'smiley' mark left behind on the leather due to the lock as well as reconditioned my dry leather. Overall, very happy with their efficient and professional service :smile:
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