1. Well here it is, my first time ever (in years, actually) that I got to wear sandals, I took @averagejoe's advice and wore my sandals even with my bruised toes, fortunately my photo skills and prowess with angles avoided the really unaesthetic state of my toes.

    I went to lunch to a new place just opened, sadly I don't think I'll come back again, meal was nice but IMHO it was way too pricey for the quality of the food / place.

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  2. OK, I must confess that, when I read "the twins" for some reason it took me a while to relate to something you were wearing haha, good thing you explicitly mentioned you were referring to your kicks, really nice use of colors there! Although, I would've worn showless socks or no socks at all with the slip ons, but then again, that would be my personal taste.
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  3. Well yeah, that's a veeery good discount now that you mention it.
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  4. Very nice touches of orange throughout! What brand is that clutch? I can't make it out from the photo.

    Sandals look good on you! Maybe you will be tempted to get more sandals in different colours, now. Doesn't it feel great to wear sandals when the weather is hot?

    What you said about your lunch place is what I think of most restaurants. The food is good but not usually great enough to justify the price. I like "fine dining" every once in a while for the experience, but the portion sizes border on being a joke. The bread basket provides most of the food for the meal, which is sad.
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  5. I prefer no socks too, but these shoes (being brand new) are extremely uncomfortable and cut my ankle last time (during my first outing where I took the first mod shot of the shoes). The cut is still healing. The socks prevented that from happening again. I actually tried a lower ankle sock and it was too low so it went into the shoe as I walked, so I went for the higher ankle ones.

    It isn't the size of the shoe, because it is my normal size with a tiny bit of room to spare. It's the fact that the leather is quite stiff despite looking very puffy.
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  6. Well it depends on the place, today's place was actually a random idea, since a friend of mine mentioned me and her should visit, then again, we really couldn't make it this week, so I instead went with my mom (which is my usual accomplice when lunching and dining fancy), the thing with this place we went today is that, the portions were normal (they were neither too small, and definitely not too big) and the meal was better than the average but then again, it wasn't that much of a religious experience to actually justify the bloated prices, although I really did like the entree (very delicious scallop tapas) and the dessert (a very sinful nice piece of 10 layer chocolate cake with toffee bits).

    And, I've visited other places that are actually heavenly good and are not that pricey (or at least the price actually justifies the entire experience), so, I really had lots to compare with, so, unfortunately, there will not be another visit.
  7. I think I would have the same problem but, from the first time I visited NYC over 7 years ago, I made a really bad call with my choice of footwear and during my stay I used kicks and some boots that actually bruised me very bad, to the point that from that trip some sort of scarring formed at the back of my ankle and I think that's why when I use new slip-ons or kicks without socks they don't bother me anymore since I have that tough skin that formed due to the scarring 7 years ago, It is not an actual scar, but my skin around that area became quite rough, so now I don't have that sensitivity issue, really sorry to hear your new kicks wen't tough on your feet, but then again, I guess the toughness of the kicks are a testament to the resiliency nature of the sneakers, which is a good thing.
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  8. Sorry, I forgot to answer your question, well, both of your questions. Yes, it feels good to feel the air on my feet, although I must confess it feels strange since it's been quite a while (as I mentioned, years), and actually perhaps 4 or 5 years back I was quite fond of wearing sandals and flip flops and stuff, but then I started to feel put off by the idea, I guess, I started seeing people wearing them and it seemed to me that wearing that type of footwear actually made an outfit to dress down to the point of actually looking under dressed at any place.

    And the answer to your second question, it is Lanvin, actually bought that one on final sale, I think at 70% off (sorry, I just noticed that too, today was not a good day taking shots of my outfit, for some reason my hands were very shaky, and my phone, not being the latest and greatest from Apple, doesn't seem to take very nice shots lately).

    And well, if I happen to run into nice sandals I actually like (of all the sandals that Zara was carrying when I first saw them on the site, these where the only ones that actually seemed to look nice and not a very simplistic flip flop or wannabe birkenstocks). In fact, back when I used to wear sandals, I had tow pairs that I now regret throwing away,I had this leather brown sandals that were kind low gladiator sandals, and had other pair that were some sort of flip flops but, different, and those, the straps were red, and I think it was red suede I really despise myself for dismissing them quite easily (that's where my 'don't throw anything, keep almost everything' habit comes from).

    And back to the bread basket, yes, sadly sometimes that's where the food is, haha, but then again, carbs, and not even those you could actually really enjoy (I prefer sweets, which is way worse).
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  9. Wearing painful shoes on a vacation is torture! I just want to go home or back to the hotel when my feet are cut by my shoes. I wore brand new Cole Haan sandals to Vegas once thinking they were comfortable, and boy was I wrong! The leather was stiff so it cut around my toe where the thong is, and also the top of my foot. I walked pretty far in them, too, so the return trip to the hotel was painful.

    Somehow my foot doesn't scar that way to prevent that. My ankles are easily injured, and shoes cutting into them when I wear them without socks is a recurring problem. Happens the most when the leather is stiff.
  10. Ugh, I feel ya, I used to have that issue, but like I said, weirdly that doesn't happen anymore, and yeah, a right choice of footwear while traveling is a must, I guess I was thinking mostly fashionwise and that was a mistake.
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  11. I know what you mean about sandals really making an outfit look casual, but what do you think of these Givenchy sandals? (photos from blogger @secondkulture http://www.secondkulture.com/outfit/givenchy-palladio-chain-leather-sandals/)

    I actually really love the look of sandals, especially those with something interesting going on like the ones above (sadly, I don't own these). These are from a few years ago so they are no longer available, but they are an example of cool sandals which I hope can change your mind about sandals in general.

    I have a pair of Givenchy sandals that resemble Birkenstocks, but made to look all black with sleek shiny metal hardware. The whole shoe looks really cool. The leather is actually rubberized, to give it a beautiful matte ultra-black finish. I love them to death! Birkenstocks can look good when Givenchy makes them.

    Your Lanvin clutch is nice, by the way.
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  12. Well, those sandals are quite something, and those Givenchy you own really sound cool too! Well only time will tell about the sandal collection that perhaps will start to grow eventually.
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  13. Correct me if I'm wrong @sirdonulus but I believe it's Franck Muller?
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  14. I wish I had a bigger sandal collection too. Currently my treasured pair is the Givenchy floral ones that I have.

    I used to have a pair of gorgeous gladiator sandals that I got really cheaply from Asos, but sadly I was caught out in a torrential downpour when I was on vacation, and because it was a full leather sole, a few weeks later, the right side cracked, and wasn't repairable. I haven't been able to find the same style ever since :sad:
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  15. Thanks AJ! Absolutely love Valentino's offerings sneaker-wise. I had spotted this pair in the hands of another guy in Harrods and basically stalked him until his wife talked him out of them. The moment he put them down I dove in to grab them LOL! I love the metallic stud detailing on these, which makes them different from my other blue/burgundy Rockrunners. Hence, a justifiable purchase!
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