1. Hey ladies,

    there are so many wonderful VCA BTF rings, it's really hard to say which one is the most beautiful.

    Anyway - which one is your favorite and why? :smile:
  2. The Plume (it has another name now, I forget), the Socrates (because it's the first VCA item I ever saw and just thought it was so beautiful), Lotus (actually the open one, the one that doesn't swivel). But I really love all of them!!
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  3. I have the Lotus BTF ring and it both opens and swivels . There is one that doesn't swivel? Do you have a pic of that or a link pls?
  4. I LOVE the Lotus BTF ring. I have it and am biased!! :biggrin: It's actually my most favourite piece of jewellery amongst my entire jewellery collection.
  5. Definitely the Lotus (its innovative design and iconic beauty is TDF) and both the Cosmos and Two Butterfly, which are simple, elegant, timeless.
  6. I used to LOVE the lotus, but since it has been redesigned it is no longer my favorite. I preferred the old version.

    New favorite is the Two Butterfly ring, which I hope to have on my fingers next year!! :love:
  7. Yeah, I've noticed on their website that the Lotus ring has a new design. The ring band looks different, as do the leaves. What do you think about it? And: why the hell did they do it, the old version is much prettier.
  8. The Frivole ring is now available in YG pave as well. Do you guys prefer the WG or YG version?
  9. What a shame. Whilst the lotus motif never really spoke to me (prefer rounded petals vs pointy ones), I've always thought I'd eventually get just this particular piece because it was so quintessentially VCA. Actually I was planning to get it next year to celebrate a milestone. Now it just doesn't look appealing at all. The stem looks weird and the flower looks smaller. I've crossed this piece off my list. Good for my wallet as I was going to buy it as a collector's piece (don't think I'd be wearing it much).
  10. Oh, I see what you ladies mean!! I just looked at the new version on their website. I don't like the new version either. I got the old version about a yr ago. My SA told me that they were going to "retire" the Lotus ring. I just thought they weren't going to do the Lotus ring at all anymore. I didn't realise that they were going to introduce an almost completely different design. The new version doesn't look like it swivels either, which is a feature I love in mine. Will discuss this more with my SA when I next go to VCA.
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  11. WG, as it stands out more. The YG is more subtle. I guess it just depends on what you want it for.
  12. Has anyone seen the new Lotus Ring design irl and if so, what do you think about it!

    Also, which two butterfly design is your favorite one?
  13. I was hoping to get btf ring for 10 yr anniv next yr. was looking at the lotus or frivole. Didn't know it's redesigned. Anyone can post side by side pics of the old and new version? Thanks. Also I think I read somewhere to go down on size?
  14. Forgot to add that my favourites are my two butterfly BTF ring in full pave and the socrate. The socrate will forever be the first piece that made me notice and fall in love with the brand. I still adore my frivole BTF ring but don't seem to reach for them much.