1. Hi all, I didn't see any Gabrielle bags on the Fall Act 1 list, just wondering if there will be any new Gabrielle's releasing soon?
  2. I beleive there're Gabrielle's for Fall act 1 because when I look at the ready to wear show some models have Gabrielle bags on.
  3. Not sure if this is posted but this is possibly the grey with silver hardware this season.

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    Found these while IG surfing. Was there supposed to be a green this season?
  5. BG was supposed to be receiving "dark green caviar minis". I wonder if this is the "dark green" looks more turquoise to me...
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  6. Does anyone know when Fall/Winter will be on the Chanel website?
  7. the Canadian one is updated.
  8. They closed the waiting list in Singapore for the black minis. Other minis, no waiting lists as they don't know what they will receive yet.
  9. I agree. But I think they're smalls and not minis. If you count the quilts, they're definitely longer.
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  10. My list for caviar minis from my Chanel boutique SA included dark green, navy, dark red, orange and black with silver hardware. This must be them
  11. Midnitee, I'm loving these minis whether the edges are stitched or not lolol. The quilts almost appear more puffy?
  12. I think you're right rowy, these quilts look amazing without the edge stitching! It'll be interesting to see how the chevron looks without the edge detailing...haven't heard anything yet from my SA about her store receiving any yet
  13. Lolol, I'm glad you agree. Yes, my boutique SA doesn't have any info yet. Im on a list for chevron mini in black iridescent caviar with silver hardware.
  14. Thank you!:smile: That's good to know! I'm not too picky either, if it's not so shiny like patent nor too soft/ paper thin then I'll be fine!;)