1. After waiting a little over a week I finally got my RG.
  2. I finally got my 0.18 dbty in yellow gold!!! Couldn't be happier
  3. I have a question for those of you who have added a basket to the back of your DBTY to prevent poking. Does the basket make the diamond flip or sit akwardly on your neck or does it lay flush? Any pics would be appreciated! I have a .31ct yellow gold dbty and I'm considering adding the basket.
  4. This is how the back & side looks. They did a fantastic job but then again it is Tiffany's
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  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing! It looks absolutely flawless!! I'm going to bring mine in for sure!
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  6. This is how the rose gold version looks like.
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  7. Wow - I'm actually starting to think it looks better with the basket.... Not sure what it is - maybe it makes it look more "substantial". Thanks for sharing. I think I'm going to add a basket for sure. I just hate to be without my necklace for two weeks.... Wouldn't it be nice if they gave out "loaners" while we were waiting?
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  8. If you recalled, awhile ago I posted my RG DBTY 0.14 and layered with Cartier's heart 0.14.

    I keep feeling that it is lack of something... so I exchanged the 0.14 RG DBTY to 0.33 in RG n thin bezel. Now I feel it is complete!


    The 0.14 RG DBTY in thick bezel as comparison :
  9. I love the bigger stone longer than the heart as compared to the previous .14 pendant. Excellent choice that will last a lifetime! Enjoy. They look beautiful together.

    I have a .35 one in plat and would love to add a larger RG one in the future.