1. Brand new just got it yesterday, can you see that the stitch on the handle is almost worn off

    What would you do ?

    bare in mind this is a $2400 bag....
  2. Because the bag is defective, I would return it.
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  3. I wouldn't have noticed it
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  4. It's a very tiny imperfection, and I probably wouldnt have noticed it either. I'd just get on with enjoying the bag :smile:
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  5. The bag is defective because of one stitch?
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  6. Well personally, I would return the bag if I wasn't satisfied with it, but I understand that some people may have different opinions.
  7. returned it to the loewe store, the SA was super nice with no attitude,
    they offered me a brand new one without me even asking.

    I love this brand so much the leather is amazing.
    would definitely shop there again in the future after this great after sales experience!
  8. I would have returned the bag, just like you did. I'm glad Loewe were so helpful.
  9. i would of returned it also!! so glad it worked out for u :smile:
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  10. That's good to hear that they stood by their brand and replaced it. Let us know how it wears.