1. Every women is different. I have a friend that is trying for nearly 2 years and nothing (35 years old) I have the same age and I get pregnant in the first month. I have a problem with thyroides and until the doctor give me green light to try to conceive I didn't tried before.
  2. I can't speak on 30 bc I wasn't TTC at 30. I tried at 34 and at 35 had my DD.

    I will say this tho: I come from a very fertile family: my Sister, my mother and even my mother's mother! My grand mother had my mom in her 40s! I think the fertile gene skipped me or perhaps I didn't try hard enough. Who knows really...
  3. Of course, you can get pregnant. At 30-40, your chance of conceiving is about 20-30 percent. So, if you are doing all the right way, you will get pregnant very soon. Pay attention to your lifestyle, make sure you are eating healthy food and taking supplements. By the way, I recommend a good app for moms or mom-to-be - http://mom.life/pregnancy-calculator-app/
  4. I got pregnant at 29 almost 30 and then had my 2nd was 33 almost 34. The 2nd time was easier than my first.
  5. Well it really depends on the condition of your body. As long as there are no issues that needs to be addressed first then getting pregnant at this age is still ok. I had my youngest at the age of 35, my sister inlaw is pregnant now at the age of 41 and she's very much ok and the baby. My friend just gave birth at the age of 43.
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  6. That is such a great thing to hear!
    My best girlfriend had her first at 44, on the first attempt. All is well. Her OBGyn said that she thinks these "statistics" are very misleading.
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  7. I was 32 and started ttc July last year, conceived in august, however it ended with a Mc at 7 weeks. Tried again after a break of 2 cycles in Dec and conceived in n February. So far pregnancy is going ok and I am due in October.
  8. I agree with you :smile:
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