1. My Classic Isabelle for lunch and a day of shopping...
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  2. Twinsies!! Yes I love it too!! So versatile!!️
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  3. Cherry blossom Baroque from the mid-2000's...I purchased this sweetie brand new just this year from a lady who'd never gotten around to using it.
    2017-07-23 18.32.02.jpg2017-07-23 18.32.39.jpg
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  4. I love this!! I have this in XL. Is this L or XL? If you look at the tag inside the pocket you will find the date. I think this is from 2013? I'm not with my bag right now but will check later.
  5. Hi msd_bags, I believe it's a Large. I'm out of town so I can't check the tag but I'd love to know the correct date. I really would like to find an XL in a dark shade like navy or black. I remember always going to Nordstrom during the mid 2000's to visit and eyeball the Stams being sold at the time that were way out of my budget.
  6. It's Resort 2013
  7. Wesley + the black Recruit Paratrooper
  8. Fall 2009 Black Python Embossed Lux Thrash
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  9. 1984 in terra cotta at work
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  11. Resort 2006 Orange Sweet Punk Hobo
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  12. Hello lovelies, just sharing here, waiting in the bus stop with my MBMJ holdall bag (great for a weekend away) with my maison de beauté marseille rockstud bag and my red hat. And it's sunny and hot here ^-^
    2017-08-26 10.52.39.jpg
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  13. I recently purchased this bag pre-loved for a great deal. I am so surprised with how buttery the leather is (even more so than my Classic Q Natasha). I'm absolutely in love! Already stalking other pieces from the Too Hot to Handle collection.
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  14. Fluo Pink Stam