1. I've always seen Tod's and loved the look. I've loved moccasins since I was I kid. So imagine my delight when I spotted these at Nordstrom Rack! I've never seen my size before let alone my dream combo of suede and fringe. The price was too good to pass them up.

    Funny side story I was at the grocery story one day waiting at the counter and a woman approached me and said I love your shoes are they Tod's and I said yes and said thanks. I said even better than the look I only paid around $100 and she looked at me stunned and said oh my you are so blessed. I laughed on the inside because while I wouldn't go so far as to say that they count as a blessing her reaction was priceless.


    I am now so obsessed with these shoes that I snapped up another pair on gilt. I didn't get as a great a price as I did on the fringe but again I love polka dots and didn't want to pass these up.

  2. Congratulations on your purchases! I hope your new loafers will carry you through many more of life's adventures.
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  3. Congratulations! Tods loafers and drivers are so comfortable.
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  4. My oldest pair are ten years old, so scruffy now, I only wear them around the house but so comfortable!
  5. It looks pretty. Congratulation for your purchase.
  6. Awesome :smile: have you found that they have stretched much, im looking for shoes that don't have much give after purchase
  7. I love Tods! Your new shoes are lovely!
  8. They look so comfortable. Those polka dots are so adorable too!
  9. Congrats your going to love them ! Enjoy:smile: