1. Hello,
    How may I start a thread?
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  2. idk how to post??? help
  3. At the top right corner of every forum there's a button to start a new thread :smile:

    You are posting, I quoted your post.
  4. Hello, I'm new ... I.m not practical in using the forum and I do not speak english. I understand that it takes 5 posts to start a discussion, post it maybe I understand it .... but can I send a private message even if I did not send 5?
  5. Thank so much!
  6. I have posted 5 times and it says I am a member, but it says i don't not have privileges to post here. Am i missing something i am meant to have done?
  7. It's not instantaneous, takes a bit for the system to reindex.
  8. Can I send a private messagge to a member and how do I do it? Thanks
  9. I have a Louis Vuitton purse given to me it had one tag from store but since it was a gift they kept the price tag which I think may have had the date code there's no date code in the purse and I read online that if it's real with no date code then it's vintage so I don't know if it's vintage or fake all the other signs that I've read online seem real but I don't know how to tell I wanted to send in a picture see if somebody else can maybe research better than I can
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  11. please excuse my lack of internet skills I need to ask if a handbag I think I rather foolishly bought is a replica Im not sure if I am able to do this yet as Im new to the site I cant find out how to post a picture and ask . Ive never uploaded a picture before etc and don't want want to break the rules Im a newbie with little computer skills but determined to have a go many thanks
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  12. Hello and welcome, there are a lot of tips and threads to ask in here: https://forum.purseblog.com/forums/ebay-forum.56/
    Hope it works out.
  13. Many thanks for your reply... how foolish do I feel ! I contacted the seller about a repair that would need doing to the bag and asked if she would accept a lower price .. a pay now offer I also asked if the bag was genuine (its advertised as such0 She said she didn't know how to change the price on eBay so asked me to wait until the auction had finished and I paid direct to her via pay pal. She is insisting it is genuine and that it is an older bag and so therefore no fakes where made - it looks plastic to me, but what do I know Ive seemingly paid for a £110 for a fake YSL bag Im feeling very silly . Any suggestions other than the silly step ? who knows perhaps its genuine many thanks and sorry for going on and on
  14. I would post pics of the bag in the Authentication thread in the Saint Laurent forum here https://forum.purseblog.com/forums/saint-laurent.37/
    (see the yellow marked thread near the top of the forum)
    They are very good at older YSL especially. I know some of the older YSL had a coating over the leather (patent finish).
    Hope you gets some answers there.
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  15. ysl travel bag.jpg