1. I'm on vacation right now and didn't bring it with me. Soon as I'm home I will upload another for you. It'll be a few weeks though. I do recommend getting it. It's a beautiful color!
  2. I was wondering if you'd still like new pictures. I am back from vacation now and am happy to upload if still interested.
  3. I would like to see real life photos in natural light. Thank you so much! :smile:
  4. Here you go. I love this bag, and color. Hope you do too if you end up going for it.
  5. Thanks for posting the pic. I managed to snatch a tiny one when it was at 50% off. Now I'm thinking of getting a different color for the medium....
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  6. I hear you!! The teal one is calling my name. I'm trying really hard to ignore it. But the bag is so practical! So roomy and so many pockets. But I try not to have multiples of the same bag.
  7. The teal is really beautiful, I bought it in the medium. It's like a true hunter green and with silver hardware, it's a great combination.
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  8. I'm eyeing the dark chocolate or the military one... the sales ends tomorrow... but I still haven't made my mind up yet... :/. I'm ok with the color, but the price is so good that I feel like I should just get it... do you think the winter sale would offer around the same discount?
  9. ^^Both are great colors. I just checked the website and it looks like there are only 15 dark chocolate and 2 military mediums left.

    The sales are usually 50% off...and will occasionally go lower. The colors available will vary. Dark chocolate was produced in 2014...so they either found old stock or produced more. :shrugs:
  10. I wouldn't get it for the price. Id only hey it if you love it. There are so many amazing bags and finite money that you can spend on them (at least for me) and store them. My general philosophy is to get what you love. What you can't stop thinking about.
  11. I didn't realize you could see the actual number in stock. Can you share how to do that? Thanks!
  12. I just keep adding to the cart until it tells you that no further items were added "due to lack of inventory".
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  13. Ah! Good to know!
  14. thanks, i end up not getting it. :smile:
  15. If you end up changing your mind...Fashionphile has a NWT medium PS1 in military at a better price.