1. Hello

    I've always liked the Rocco since it 1st came out but found it way too heavy. I had an old giant HW balenciaga which I sold as it was hurting my shoulder carrying it. So weight is obviously an issue especially when I now have a toddler.

    May I ask for those with this mini if weight is an issue? Are you able to carry it (with cardholder, keys, rayban sunnies and phone) all day? I'm going to use it mainly for travel as I like that it has no logos and hence pretty discreet unless you know it's an AW. How well does the leather hold up? I've seen some used bags with pretty scuffed up corners..

    Lastly, do you think this studs trend is passé? Do you consider this a classic or a trend?

    I'm eyeing the black with rose gold hardware. I like the latte with rose gold but afraid I may have to baby it. I'm looking for a workhorse travel bag.
  2. I never had a Rocco but did have a regular-size Rockie, and did find that to get heavy during all day wear. I just bought a mini Rockie and do find it noticeably lighter, but it's still not like a fabric tote or anything! I can wear it comfortably all day but do have to switch from crossbody to shoulder to hand during long periods of walking.

    IMHO, the Rocco/Rockie styles are classics and the studs aren't going anywhere. They've been around for almost 10 years and are still very popular!

    I haven't had my mini for long and it's the latte with RGH, but so far it's holding up great (and I don't baby it!). There used to be a lot of issues with the piping but I think Wang solved that. I think inevitably the corners will get abrasion but it can be helped with regular conditioning and/or Edge-Kote. The main thing with black vs latte would be denim color transfer, but after some research here I decided to take the plunge on the latte as I truly liked it better. So far not an issue at all. But I don't wear lots of dark denim, and if I did notice anything I'd quickly wipe with a baby wipe.

    Good luck with your decision making!

  3. Hi :smile: I used to own a rockie myself in black w/ rose gold hardware. Bought it preloved & enjoyed up to a certain point. It does hold ALOT and with that came the problem of it being too heavy. :sad: Even crossbody so I eventually sold it. Hard to do because the bag was so edgy and fun but even w/o items in it, the studs do make it heavy. The leather does scuff up but mainly on the corners. If you condition the leather, it will help a little. As for if it's a trend, I'm not sure. If you have a chance to see one and try it in person, do it! Better to be safe than sorry esp. since resale value is not great on this type of handbag.
  4. I own both the small rockie and a mini rockie. Both are in black pebbled leather in rose gold HW.

    Sold both cos they are just too heavy. :sad:

    Agree with Chipee on the wear of the bags... I think these bags don't wear well around the corners or the piping.

    It's a pity cos the studs are very beautiful. I just wish that they are lighter.

    I'm using the AW's Mini Marti Backpack - that's pretty light and the leather is smooshy :heart: