1. Anyone see or ordered the flo satchel in the new fall color IMG_1502482388.903776.jpg. Crimson
  2. Dooney did crimson in Florentine leather a few years ago. It was a favorite of many. As I remember it was a brownish red shade.... I'd call it a wine. I got one Flo crimson and mine was much darker.... it was really more of a brown with red undertones. I don't know if it was the dye or whether the color had oxidized. Some Florentine colors were not consistent.

    BTW, the Dooney crimson in pebbled leather was a different shade entirely.
    It's a soft redish wine... much less intense than the crimson Florentine shade.
  3. I'm looking to replace a much loved but tired Marc Jacobs bag in Bordeaux color. I love the bag but even the shoe maker said its tired lol. I may order her and see the color.
  4. If this helps - this is my crimson chelsea, more brown with red undertones like an above poster said.

  5. She's beautiful.
  6. Beautiful. Yes I see the color looks so different. Think I will see one of they hit the stores closer to fall
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  7. Thank you :smile: