1. Wow new episode and barely any comments. Frankly, Tamra and Shannon make me cringe.
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  2. Such a boring episode I regretted turning off my utter trash guilty pleasure, Bachelor in Paradise. The way these ladies cut down each others' appearances is grotesque. Megan with that cutout, no words!!!!
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  3. I have two episodes recorded and can't bring myself to watch it. I may delete without watching, not sure I can take anymore of these ladies.
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  4. the best thing about this episode is Steve. He seems to be a nice guy, gets along with the family. Not sleazy like Brooks the Crook
  5. So Vicki just wants everyone to move on and be civil but if they're not civil enough to her liking, she's going to punish them for not wanting to be her friend?

    Okay. :rolleyes::facepalm:
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  6. Was legitimately cracking up at Vicki and Kelly in the baby store. As another person who is also very sensitive to smells, I can relate!
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  7. Me too! I was cracking up and LOLing - nothing worse than that "kind of smell" I would be gagging too!
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  8. For be a self made woman, she is truly lacking in emotional intelligence. She sounded like she was in a Lifetime movie, about "making them pay."
  10. well, it's always been Vicki's way or the high way...
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  12. I noticed Vicki was carrying a bag from the Louis Vuitton/Loubouton collaboration collection.
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  13. one thing positive about Vicki, she has a always had a nice handbag and shoe collection