1. Forgot to say @Kendie26, @Mimmy, it's my pleasure :drinks:
    And two "dearests" in one morning, I'm on a roll :heart:
    Done with work for the day! Exhausted! Time to get Mr Dawn to take me out :flowers:
  2. "Brilliant"

    Nefarious rising creeks are actually quite common in these subtropical urban environs rife with waterways. ‍
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  3. @frick&frack
    I'm laughing so hard. Mr Dawn thinks I'm nuts.

    Right, FYI "Brilliant" is not slang!!!
    What exactly do you think Brilliant is slang for?!

    I need some Brits to come corroborate. :drinks:

    @Pessie @BigCherry come help me out. Any other Brits, please come help!! :flowers:
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    Great pictures! The hibiscus looks like @frick@frack's hibiscus that looks like a rose and very pretty esp. in this color. Have a great vacay.

    Zinnias are beautiful in various colors. I'm so attracted to them since they look similar to some type of dahlias.

    For you my dear here's your own morning glory. This bloom looks more amazing IRL. Easily caught my eyes at a distance. The color is like glowing. A fairy might be standing on them at that time lol But seriously I didn't see this color yet.
    Sorry if she doesn't have the red "sore throat" that you love but the kinda opalescent throaty :p

    I'll add another another for you from my garden. Taken before we left home. One of your fave bloom and mine.


    The last picture is my most fave color combo even if I love all pansy colors.

    Fellow Frimmettes, we're having dinner outside the restaurant. Kind of informal place, lots of terraces and happy eating (mostly) tourists in a small village. Near me was this one very thirsty looking Miss Marigold?

    The question to all of you. What would you do if you see her like that?
    Q no.2 What did you think I did? :giggle:

    For all the questions where we are, we're travelling on the northern part of Greece.
  5. ^I may never stop laughing :lolots:

    From the British TV & movies I've seen, y'all use "brilliant" for good or great. We only use brilliant to mean very smart or dazzling or bright lights. It's one of those things like elevator/lift, rent/let, truck/lorry, etc. Am I wrong in my interpretation? I'm trying to think of a sentence where a Brit would use brilliant, but it's the time of day when I start getting a sinus headache lately. I can't think straight.

    ^thank you! I love the glory color of morning glories too. I like their pink & opalescent throats better anyway. I think I've seen an illustration or two with a morning glory & Pansy. If I run across one, I'll post it.

    Thank you for the pansies too. Their faces make me smile. So you like the classic purple/yellow combo best. I like those pastel watercolor pansies best. But really, it's like picking a favorite cookie: they're all good.

    I would have done what I'm sure you did: take my glass of water from dinner & pour it in the pot. That poor thing.

    Hope you're enjoying Greece! I've always wanted to go, & hope to some day. Are you visiting our mutual friend while you're there?
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  6. Thank you for the flowers, what a great idea! I was wondering where you were and guessed Greece (I've spent time there) and I see I was right :biggrin: its one of my favourite places to be.
    So exotic - it looks amazing!! Have a fab holiday :smile:
    I'm so sorry to hear about your dogs, its heartbreaking when they leave us, and to loose two in a short time is especially hard. I do understand and sympathise and I hope in time you'll feel able to have another dog? It's the best medicine in my experience :heart:

    Not a slang word as such, but used as an abbreviation / shortcut sometimes I think :smile:

    I've been bat watching tonight :p its a really clear warm night and there are lots and lots of them in the garden. No chance of pictures though - they're speedy little beggars!!
  7. The darling pansies :flowers:
    And that morning glory.
    So beautiful @roundandround

    Of course you gave poor Ms Marigold a drink!

    Looks like you're having a fabulous time. Enjoy :hugs:
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  8. Thank you.

    I've heard "brilliant" used on British TV very often & in ways that we don't use it here.

    Bats are fun to watch. They're scary because of the movies, but I just keep reminding myself that they eat so many mosquitoes. I think they'd be impossible to catch in a photo.
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  9. Twilight in my front garden this evening. Pictures taken today especially to cheer up dear @frick&frack

    First up, a classic red red rose.

    And a cluster of new blooms on my Lady of Shallott.

    Then my cheerful riotous Provencal lavender.
  10. That scares me a little. But you make it sound like fun!
  11. I don't find bats scary at all - I really like them :biggrin: but perhaps ours are smaller than yours!
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  12. It is! I'm wondering where they're roosting :lol:
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  13. Hello ladies, Frimmettes, and SO's and DH's and all! Life has been busy with work and visiting family all over North and West Texas.

    Thank you to @Miss_Dawn for the lovely pink rose from a few posts back.

    @frickandfrack - I'm sorry to hear about the recent loss of your precious fur baby. I'm glad that our garden pictures have helped.

    Below are some pictures of my pecan tree. The limbs are touching the ground, they are so heavy with pecans. We've been so blessed with lots of rain this year. The top image is a panorama taken from under the tree so you may have to zoom in to see the details. Excuse the unmowed lawn - it's all the rain - lol

    Pics of the Crinum lilly to come soon.
  14. IMG_1502851341.096197.jpg
    The Crinum looks like a big green spider
  15. IMG_1502851427.153510.jpg
    I almost forgot to include pictures of the pecans (shock ).
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