1. Btw, how's the shopping our wardrobes coming along? Other than girleuro who's changing the thread into 'buying tons of expensive things and squeezing everything into expensive luggage to take all of her wardrobe across the world' :biggrin::p, I for my part am still left with the budget I've set and the clothes I have. These are probably the last hot days to enjoy in Germany and I'm pushing as many of my summer dresses into them as I possibly can. Unfortunately there's this one dress that I had bought for our wedding anniversary, but couldn't wear, because I was sick that day. So it will have to wait another year. :sad:
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  2. I'm not entirely sure if I could pull off sequins, but we'll see. I have plenty of dressy items that I can't quite justify another not work item. lol
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  3. I kind of went crazy last month. Haha.

    But I've been buying with more thought in regards to clothes.
    Not for shoes though haha.

    I would love more skirt. But I really don't need any more clothes right now. So I'm trying my hardest to not buy right now, especially after July's craziness.
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  4. Omg Marilyn That's hard on you.
    If anyone could understand I definitely can. My mom also took care of my grandfather for about 10 years He was walking,but was quite old,to take care of himself. He passed at 97 so for about 10 years he lived with my parents. So my poor mommy,she haven't had like 10 years vacation. She could not leave him for long ...
    I know that you mentioned that your mommy is in a wheelchair. Is she paralyzed? Is it long time?
    And I know how family doesn't understand. I always say "Walk in my Shoes "
    When my husband got sick we were in ICU for a month. And then 4 months in hospital. His family blamed me
    I mean it's already bad to have any family member sick, but to be practically by myself taking care of my husband,it's unbearable. I do all myself
    I had so many episodes, 2 icus 2 very close call. Overdose in hospital on blood thinners,created hematoma
    I mean nightmare I don't want to remember...
    And to all of that my involvement 100% I do not trust any nurse ,actually i do get messages from God,and that's my cross
    He gave me so much wisdom,that I teach nurses what to do. I use nature and then medicine. And doctors can't believe how overall healthy he is . I just healed the wound that dr said he needs surgery. She actually pushed for surgery.I learned everything. It's not easy ,he is big guy too. 6'5 and now weighs 300lbs ,like double and plus my size
    You really can't trust anyone.
    Only once I trusted this Polish nurse Practioner who did wound care for 40 years . She saw us twice a week,and stayed 5 minutes.I did all care
    I was forcing her to do some test
    Bottom line we end up in ER with emergency surgery and Sepsis and Chronic Osteo Myelitis.
    It's crazy And hospitals are not better,I mean good hospitals,but dangerous
    So I am like lioness . I live in the hospitals. Have to fight all the time . And my husband family think that I don't do anything, just having vacation
    And before my injury I was still running my healthy desserts business and I also do paperwork . We practice common
    Law ,so I am pretty good in Law.
    I am going to have nurses but I am looking very carefully. I don't care about their degrees , and I don't want anyone who has cookie cutter mentality.
    And big minus if worked in Health agency. They come with this mentality,I do this and I do like I want,but to work for me,I told clearly my way,or highway
    I know every trick in the book
    I know when they lie. It's not going to be easy to adjust,to let it go and allow someone to take over.
    I am so stressed writing huge list what needs to be done. And how need to be done. My main thing that they must care and listen,everything else can be learned. I did
    On a happier note so how is your packing going?
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  5. Haha
  6. Well Bake buying with thought,it's all that counts It's still definitely step forward.
    As I said before. I am not going on a ban I am like " who let the dogs out" Or like a kid ,standing in the store and want and can get all the candy"
    I just came out of the ban...
    But I still very thoughtful of every my purchase. One thing about me,is I do hate wastefulness. Even right now I am putting things on the list that I want and need and still looking over if it's just hey I can or I really going to wear . And that goes to everything. I don't care how much money I have or I don't have,I like to find deals. I always was like that. And it's killing me when nurse in my home ,she comes only for an hour to do wound care,and she is just wasteful. I get natural things or even medical supplies. I just gave a new bottle of special oil ,she spilled al over the place. Hrr I am boiling . Hate wastefulness. Me and my hubby worked very hard,to get back our financial freedom,after tragedy,and I will always remember how hard it was,so I have problem than i see someone just waist,so what can I expect,when we really move up to our new big house...
    But I told my hubby,that it must be discussed with employment No Waisting in my home! I don't do so why I let someone else do!
    So since he retire me ,he needs to implement my rules
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  7. I didn't buy anything last month and so far in August I've just bought my belt! I'm not counting it towards my budget since it's one of those wishlist, need, hard to find items all rolled into one (not to mention it's bust my budget completely haha). I'm still letting go if things and really focusing on keeping only what I really love, or what is super functional. The last couple things I donated were a struggle because while I didn't love them, they were in my color palette and I don't have replacements for them. BUT I also have to remind myself that I have more than enough so it will be ok.
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    So buy more clothes?
  9. Sweetykaur, I would love to know what you're referring to. Do you mean dresses should be preferred over pants and shirts in general or are we talking formal wear?
  10. Forgot to take a pic, but I sent of my hubby and son with three medium bags and two carry-ons that only hold their computer gear and nothing else. The suitcases even hold my son's anti allergic pillow and his blanket (you know how in Europe we use down blankets instead of sheets), plus all his school supplies and drawing equipment, brushes and pencils and some paper. I managed to put in two heavy winter coats, plus gloves and wool hats, even one heavy pair of winter boots each. The bags did not explode (I had them wrapped in foil at the airport...:biggrin::biggrin:). I'm sure they'll come up with a list of things they forgot, for me to bring when I get there, but it can't be much. I'm so glad I don't have girls, couldn't imagine how it would have been packing for four months for a teenage girl...
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  11. You're doing well I think. If you truly don't like the things you gave away, it's fine, but don't be so hard on yourself all the time, would you? It seems like you're sometimes pushing yourself too much to do with less. And isn't a budget there to bust it once in a while? It's the overall costs we need to keep track of and I believe you're doing a great job!
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    Haha Marilyn
    Yep I can't imagine too
    And you squeezed all of those things in a medium luggages
    So you already Pro in packing
    I don't know if I can do it
    Any tips . I really haven't packed the suitcase long time I do Need some tips
    Also talking about tech I know I need adapter for Europe, what else?
    How do you deal with your iPhones?
    Are you buying Sim card in the US or in advance,before you travel?how this works?
    I need to be able to access to all my data-all my apps and emails. Be able to make pictures and videos
    I also want to be able to text unlimited and to make a call if needed
    What would be the best for me to do ? Need advice
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  13. You are doing great! You mostly being very thoughtful and sticking to your goals Great job ! No need to be so hard on yourself. Have little fun it's nothing wrong sometimes deviate from your path.,especially when the item you got is so wanted /looked for
    We are not perfect
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  14. Oh my. What a story and what an ordeal! I'm totally with you about health care. There are a few gems out there, people who know what they're doing, and a lot that don't. My mother is not paralyzed, but can hardly walk due to a life of hard work, arthritis and two broken hips and thighs. She's almost 88 (yes, she had me very late), but is as bright as a young woman and still can cook sometimes leaning over her walker. She's a tough woman and I think that's who I got it from. She still whistles and sings and gives the best advice and she insists to dress prettily, even when at home. I do get tired doing all I do, but she's so fantastic, I'm just glad I can keep her at home.
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    I roll up almost everything and put it tightly into packing cubes. That way I can sort t-shirts, pants, underwear, gym clothes and squeeze everything together. Suits and dress shirts go in like lasagna. I put down a pair of pants lengthwise with half hanging out, put in another pair with half sticking out the other end and so on. Jackets go in the same way, half into the bottom of the suitcase, the other half hanging over it. When I have everything in it, I fold the sticking out parts one over the other. That way I make sure I use every inch of space and also get less creases. The pillows and blankets I put in plastic bags, suck out all the air with the vacuum cleaner and closed the bags very tightly. Mind you, the bags were really heavy, but still within business class restrictions.
    You do need adapters, Europe has different power outlets and different voltage. Some of your electric devices won't work, like hair dryers.
    I usually buy a SIM card in the US once I'm there, it's really easy. You can get unlimited data, no problem. Since I'm only traveling the other way, I have no idea how to do this when coming to Europe, maybe somebody else can give you better advice. But you can probably just walk into any Telekom store (or any other provider) and ask.
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