1. It's not letting me post pictures..
  2. Need to see the back of the belt - is there a stamp there? And a closer look at the embossed buckle, and a clear photo of one of the knights on the belt.
  3. Hi everyone! Could someone please authenticate this bag for me?
    Thanks so much!!! xxxIMG_0155 a.JPG IMG_0156 a.JPG IMG_0155 a.JPG IMG_0156 a.JPG IMG_0156 a.JPG IMG_0157 a.JPG IMG_0158 a.JPG IMG_0162 a.JPG IMG_0163 a.JPG IMG_0164 a.JPG
  4. Hi. Sorry I didn't see this message. Yes here are more pictures
  5. This looks good.
  6. So I did good? It's authentic? Yay!!!
  7. Please help ...is this scarf authentic..it's cashmere measure 200 cms to 60 cms
  8. Screenshot_20170814-211524.png
  9. This also very big one too
  10. Screenshot_20170815-233230.png