1. My Fall 2015 Small Khaki Natural Calfskin Belt Bag!
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  2. WOW! Gorgeous!:love:
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  3. Just saw the fall 17 red micro in store today and I have to admit I fell in love with it! I was planning to wait until I go to Denmark in august and get the tax return on it but now I'm not sure I can wait! A seasonal color like that won't sell out in just few weeks right? IMG_1501003571.361796.jpg
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  4. It is gorgeous and what a dilemma lol. August isn’t that far away and I wouldn’t have thought it would sell out. I’m in the UK but my lovely SA is in Dublin. I order and pay for my bags, even if he needs to get my colour in, then pick it up when I’m passing. Is something like that a possibility for you?

  5. I know right, it´s just a couple weeks and they litterally just arrived today at least in Oslo. All but one black micro/mini belt bag was already spoken for though:shocked: Don't have "my own SA" but I could for sure try and call and ask if they can keep one for me! Saving a little on these expensive goodies is always tempting after all. So happy Norway is not in the EU haha :smile:
  6. Wow they sold out quick :wtf: and yet we don't see huge amounts of Céline around. I'm sure if it was paid for there's no reason why they can't hold it. Hope you have good luck getting.

    PS. Going to Norway in September and can't wait - here's hoping I "bump" into Jo Nesbo along the way :lol:
  7. It's a new store here in Oslo that has Celine so that's probably why

    Ah welcome in September then! Jo Nesbo yes, that snowman not so much! That movie trailer was so scary I'm almost afraid to live here
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  8. I'm going to buy the red mini Celine belt end of this month. I really love the design.. :smile:
  9. Hello ladies and gents!
    I just bought my very first Celine -Belt bag in size micro... It was really quick desision, I love the design, and in my local store happened to have this one in black..I think it's called grained leather and of course it was love from the first sight!
    But now I wonder if this is from older seasons...should there be protective studs in the bottom of the bag, coz my bag there's none!! What do you guys say? Thanks in advance!
  10. The Celine Micro Belt in black is a classic, it is produced every season, so not old design or season. The Micro Belt bag does NOT come with studs on the bottom as they make the bag heavier. The Mini Belt bag is larger and comes with studs on the bottom. I love my Micro Belt bag, hope you enjoy yours too. :smile:
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  11. Thank you for your reply Miss World! ❤️I do love this bag very much and will enjoy it
  12. Hi everyone, so happy to share my new Celine micro belt bag in dark grey. I had been looking for this colour in person for so long but in Canada it's hard to get all the colours. I finally saw it today in the Holt Renfrew in Toronto and had to snap it up. It's so gorgeous and I'm really excited! I love this new size and that it comes with a crossbody strap as I live downtown and walk everywhere. Thanks for letting me share! Ps. I am 5'7 for size reference.
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  13. Congratulations, I have this in the mini and also adore this colour. :congrats:

    It looks great on you and what a perfect match to your skirt :ghi5:
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  14. Congrats! It looks gorgeous on you, really beautiful bag❤️and the color is so versatile too!
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  15. Thanks Bigcherry and MsSusan! Thrilled to join the club :smile:
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