1. Sea Whip ️

  2. Thank you ️

    I just lend it to my mom, she has the same skintone as me
  3. Inspired by your manicure Trine, and also by a department store 50% off nail polish sale, I bought Sea Whip, Sargasso, Washed Denim and Bleu Pastel today :biggrin: Had a bit of a "treat yo self" moment hehe!
  4. Oh that sounds nice looking forward to your pictures
  5. On the US website: four new "rose" colors have appeared. They look gorgeous.
  6. I need Rose Prodigious. Am a sucker for a shimmery red. Great that they are bringing back Rose Caché and Rose Confidentiel. My mom loves the latter
  7. Rose Prodigious caught my eye, too. Could be quite similar to Rouge Moire, which would be great.
    I went to the department store counter in search of the 'Roses' but they did not have them yet. So Resplendissant came home with me and I tried it out today. I like it -- it's bright and pretty.
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  8. The colors look nice on the site. I haven't seen any swatches online yet though. I hope someone post some here.
  9. I am speechless.....
    I just picked up the Neon collection. The internet pictures do not do them justice. They are AMAZINGLY bright
  10. The Australian Chanel site lists a 5th Neon called Scenario. But no one seems to know about it. Weird.
  11. LeVernisAddict, Are you in the US? Can't see them on the US site or any dept store online... Where did you find them? Exciting!!!
  12. No. I'm in Australia. But it looks like the US just launched a Le Rouge collection?? The one with Rose Cache & Rose Confidential re- released.
    We don't have that collection here yet. I suspect we'll get that one when you get the Neon collection. So I'm guessing in about a month...??

    They really are worth the wait
    All limited edition. Only select counters have them here.

    Good luck!
  13. New Dawn :heart: