1. Oh so true. One of my life goals was to not stress so much about money and just enjoy. I don't spend like crazy and I'm always on top of bills and stuff, so when I say not stress so much about money, for me it's sort of like reminding myself to enjoy life a bit and live in the moment. Yes that item may be crazily absurd but if I enjoy it, I should just enjoy it and not feel guilty. Except clothing and bags - I rarely feel guilty about that haha.
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  2. It's been really great honestly, I feel fantastic. The hardest for me at one point was cheese. But finding out how much PUSS is actually in cheese made it easier. LOL..

    But I say if he's set he should transition slowly by cutting out meat, maybe have fish on occasion whilst cutting out the dairy... going vegetarian is a challenge in itself. Having the house stocked and making fun dishes helps a lot.

    The more he reads and watches documentaries the easier it'll be to fully commit. I mean the research is all there. Approaching it as a new way of life and accepting it gradually seems to be the best way. Seems that's the way many people transitioned vs just cutting everything out at once. All the people I spoke with anyways.

    Your support is gonna be what keeps him. Awesome that you're willing to that!

    Please keep us posted with his progress
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  3. Lots of salads, chickpeas, quinoa,

    I make lots of red/pepper coconut milk risotto/ whole wheat rice with stuffed eggplant/ zucchini.. there's literally tons of things to make. It's just staying on top of it n having the items at hand and recipes on deck if you don't know many off the top of your head. N you can totally make snacks n freeze em then take em out when in the mood n bake/ defrost. It'll make it easier.
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  4. Picked up a band for my Fitbit that is easier to take on and off. It is not from them but I like it.
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  5. Cute..my daughter would love..matches her fave color purse
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  6. Got it off Amazon . They have all different colored leather bands
  7. Looks great. What Fitbit do you have? I need to replace mine.
  8. I bought Reba suggestion in the fit bit charge 2 . I just switched the band which was so easy to do. I really like it so far. What is also fun is if I get a text message I don't have to dig in my bag to see it. It scrolls across my fit bit.
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  9. Love that text feature too..especially while out walking!
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  10. Thanks for your feedback! For myself, I don't really notice when we don't eat meet, so I'm ok with the change. I think if I were to do it, cheese would also be hard for me, as well as being mindful of other products that I may not have thought otherwise. So for myself, I'm not going to attempt it with the decision to do so, but I'll go along with it. And yes, he is doing research before he stats and think he will start vegetarian first and slowly make his way if he decides to go vegan. He's lucky he likes veggies to begin with haha. I WILL keep you guys posted.
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  11. Hi everyone, is this an open thread? I just found it and it's exactly what I was looking for. I have been a vegetarian most of my life, I have always had digesting meat. Occasionally, I would eat salmon to satisfy my husband because he doesn't think I get a enough protein but I'm trying to find other ways to do that. We moved to Pennsylvania from Maryland and it was easier for me in Maryland because there are so many places that offer a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. Here in Pennsylvania there is nothing, so I really want to start cooking and hopefully prepare meals ahead of time. Everyone else in my family eats meat, so we both can't cook dinner at the same time. Right now I'm doing my first raw cleanse for the next 10 days but afterwards I'm hoping to begin cooking meals for myself. I was wondering where you found your recipes? Is there a book or website that you can suggest with recipes that taste pretty good? What are you using as a good source of protein and dietary fiber?

    Now that my kids are older and I have more time to myself, I really would like to start taking better care of myself. I am starting yoga soon and meditation. I really want to eat better and snack better. I appreciate any suggestions or tips you may have. Thanks so much
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  12. But I Could Never Go Vegan by Kristy Turner

    Start with that book then go from there. Lots of stuff on the internet. You start to experiment with flavours and make your own stuff. You can also google recipes you like.

    Search like 5-7 recipes for mains and then 3 desserts and a few snacks. And work with those first till you're comfy with them then move on. Trying different things is key. You get to know your palate better.

    I make this great coconut milk red pepper sauce that has become my own favourite creation. Use it as a sauce or cook your rice/ risotto in it.. probably something like it out there but I literally was bored n it came to my head as I was cooking. It's fun!

    Lots of middle eastern dishes are vegan friendly too if you just cut out the meat. Play around and have fun.

    Thanks for sharing your story, we hope to hear more from you about this cleanse too!
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  13. Absolutely! Welcome to the group.
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  14. This morning I finally broke the mark on the scale I wasn't able to go under. Yesterday I had a terrible headache but I kept getting up and just walked around the house or marched in place rather then sitting. I wanted to hit the 7500 step mark despite my head. Those of you who use a fit bit when and how do you squeeze in your extra steps.
  15. My dh thought it was cheating by marching in place, but the pollen level and heat outside was to much for me. So I just ignored him and did my thing.
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