1. I never carry keys in my bag (is that weird?). So, wallet- makeup bag - floss - mints!
  2. phone & charge:lol:
  3. keys , car key and wallet , everything else can be settled
  4. Phone
  5. Prescription sunglasses with hard case, wallet, keys.
  6. Cellphone money and money
  7. Chapstick
    Dental floss
    Small wallet.
  8. Pretty practical for me - tissues, purse and a travel pass!
  9. Mobile, wallet and in a kind of compulsory act I always carry some circulation drops :biggrin:
  10. Zippy wallet, tissues, Car & House key case. :supacool: I rarely take my iPhone which drive's everyone crazy! :wacko:
  11. No? Not weird? I don't either? I put them in my pocket! :amuse:
  12. Very unexciting phone, keys and a little purse that has a few lipsticks/concealer in! :smile:
  13. Other than the norm, things like Wallet, keys, Phone... Have to have hand lotion because UGH hands get dry, lip balm "same reason", and travel charger.
  14. Phone, wallet, personal colour palette
  15. I would say my wallet, my favorite lipgloss and what I lovingly call my "no baby pills" lol! Not meant to offend, my friend used to call them that and now I can't help it!