1. Petra's style has mildly improved since the divorce, minus the velour jumpsuit.
  2. I agree. It seems that she has gotten back to her old style, the one most of us used to love.
  3. Shopping in Beverly Hills.


  4. IMG_1502797364.889406.jpg

  5. How many pairs of fur slides do they own? They wear a new one every day! :p
  6. Tamara has a very boxy torso. I'm noticing it more now.

    And :sick: to that war top Petra is wearing. Like really?
  7. Out in Beverly Hills.




  8. They tend to love every trend and buy it in every color the furry slides are awful. As for the t shirt petra again has jumped on a trend with no idea it is the wrong one to wear in America.
  9. that maxi dress isn't doing any favors for tamara's figure. i wonder why we don't see petra out with her twins, even if it means bringing an army of nannies along...
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  10. Wondering if Tamara is pregnant.. ?
  11. Tamara should learn to dress for her body type, that dress is not doing her any favors
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  12. Petra looks calm and relaxed.
    I agree about Tamara's dress; doesn't compliment her figure.
  13. Tamara out in West Hollywood.


  14. Leaving West Hollywood restaurant Madeo.


  15. not feeling the crushed velvet, but it's still better than petra's style pre-divorce.