1. I cannot believe today's events.

    At all.

    It's getting worse before it gets better.
  2. I fear for the weekend. I have a feeling things will get very ugly.
  3. The hate groups have plans to come to both SF and Berkeley, two of the places where they are least welcome. Clearly, their goal is 100% provocation. Disgusting...
  4. I feel like this group has a serious fear of white people becoming a minority in the US not because there will be less white people but out of fear that they will be subject to the same treatment they have done to minorities. I can't rationalize how people could be so hateful nor do I ever want to try honestly.

    What went on today was a battle cry if I ever heard one.
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  5. They plan to bring their hate to Google in Mt. View. on Saturday. I plan on being at the counter protest.
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    And to be honest, I'm tired of black people constantly having to fight so other non-white people and white women can benefit from our struggle, fight and loss. If 25% of those groups showed up to our fight, that's a lot. We die at the hands of cops and every other word out of people's mouths is "if they didnt resist", "look at the stats", "the job is hard", "blue lives matter". Eff yall. This is no longer our battle. Do something about them just like people like to say "what about black on black crime" (and stop believing black on black crime is a real thing....if you do just allot yourself to the bigot category). Bad apples exist in socitey across the board. Manage your vermin and we'll manage ours once we have time to not worry about being killed over a busted taillight or changing our names on resumes to get an interview despite having a degree.
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  7. Be safe please!
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    :hugs: I'm so sorry and so angry and so sad.
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  9. Why this weekend?
  10. I called one of my Senators yesterday afternoon and it was all I could do to keep from crying. I am at a loss and am to the point of seriously considering retiring out of the US. I am completely ashamed.
  11. When you think things couldn't get worse, yesterday happened....
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  12. More "rallies" planned in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  13. Just saw today the one in SF has had its permit revoked by the mayor.
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  14. SF is the last place that would welcome those monsters
  15. Where did you see that? I just see where Pelosi is trying to get it revoked.