1. Thank you!! :hugs:
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  3. Haven't taken out this beauty in a long time!
  4. This is so pretty!
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  6. Thank you ksuromax!
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  7. Changed bags three times this morning ! I am traveling to a smaller city I never visited, for work purpose, so I need something fuss free, conservative, but can't help feeling that I still want to be edgy --- tried LC Le Pliage (too conservative), LV Neverfull ( the small strap hurts as I loaded my handbag), then finally come back to the black beauty!
  8. Looks like the perfect choice!! Love it....great photo:heart:
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  9. I can totally get why! She is a beauty and she is a trusty travel companion!!! :tup:
    Mine is waiting for me to take her out tomorrow, (will be switching from bv), i've missed her dearly :hbeat:
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  11. Been missing this baby... sandals, bracelete by Balenciaga as well
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  12. GORGEOUS look K! We have been missing this beauty too.
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  13. thank you :hugs: :biggrin:
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  14. So much I love here - that amazing bag!!! + matching charm, adorable shoes + also need to mention all the pinks (scarf, bracelet, & matching pink toenails!) :heart:
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