1. I bought the size 17, and it fits like the tighter fit in the image above. The sales associate told me this was the "correct" way to wear it. However, I bought it in October. If I had known my wrist would swell in the summer, I would have bought the 18
  2. I just got another 17 2 weeks ago. The 16 fits but in the heat it would be to tight and I never take mine off so they are worn to the beach daily in the summer here to gym etc.
  3. What?! I'd just sell it off because it's obviously no longer doing the job it's supposed to do.

    Like my car, my last boyfriend...etc.

    "Leave the bracelet, take the cannoli"
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  4. If I were in-btw sizes, I'd pick the larger size.
  5. Larger size.
  6. I have the 20. I like my sizes bigger and to dangle. I have small wrists but then again this was given to me so I can't really return it.
  7. Like a lot of others, I debated between 16 & 17 for a long time. Went with the 17 and am so glad I did. I would've felt claustrophobic in the 16.
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  8. OK. Now I'm the one who's ambivalent. Two days ago, I went into my Cartier store again looking at the new thin LOVE bracelet (they didn't have my size), the SA recommended the 15 for me. My wrist size is 13.5-14. And 15 seems to work fine.

    I tried on the 16, figuring this is a more popular choice, but it "rotates" around the wrist. All these sizes are tried on with the classic LOVE as they didn't have them in the thin.

    And where I live, it's mid summer, scorching heat and humidity. So if you were me, which size would you choose? 15 or 16?
  9. My two cents: I have 1 classic Love and 1 thin Love. Both in size 17. The thin does feel looser. It can easily rotate around my wrist whereas I have to really push and force the classic to rotate (I'm in between 16 and 17). So if you are going for the thins, highly recommend you going for size 15. Perhaps as they are thinner they are just easier to move around the wrist than classic.dont get me wrong, I really like the fit and look, but still think the 15 won't be too tight on you in thin. Shame they didn't have any for you to try out!!
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  11. What is your wrist size?
  12. Thank you SO much for your detailed response and photos. You're a gem. I understand now. I was kind of feeling the same way, but no one verbalize it clearly the way you did. Classic is thicker so it's harder to rotate, meanwhile Thin is thinner so it'll be easier to move around the wrist. Now my mind is set on the 15. It's September and I really want to treat myself this Christmas! :smile::biggrin::smile:
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  13. You are so welcome! For sure if the classic 16 love is loose on you, the thin 15 will be perfect for you :smile: Glad the photos helped! As I got my classic first in a 17, I purchased my thin to stack with it also in 17. However if I was buying thins only, I would totally go down a size to 16. It is so much looser on me than the classic in the same size! Can't wait to see pics of your thins when you get them -- be sure to post :smile:
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  14. larger!