1. Thank you so much. What a lovely message. :hugs:

    I took a double take when I read 'Burberry lipstick'. You're so observant!! A regular Sherlock Holmes.

    I may also have a slight thing about makeup :angel::blush: I don't dare to photograph my makeup drawers :giggle:

    I love the new SDJ you've ordered and the handbags of yours that I've seen on various threads. Especially your blue bags. That blue Celine and blue Hermes notebook. :girlsigh:You have great taste :drinks:
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  2. Lol at Sherlock :lol: but I love Burberry makeup, you must pop up a photo of your make up, it's your showcase and we would all love to see :yes:. Thank you for the lovely compliment on my bags too, I've been heavily downsizing lately, bags and slg's - I'm down to 19 bags but want to get to 10 :wtf::facepalm: but I keep buying bracelets instead :panic: oh and a SDJ I didn't "need" :graucho:
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  3. 10 bags?!! How minimalist of you ;) I know what you mean about diverting a focus from bags to jewellery etc. I do the same. I go in phases. Pens, makeup, jewellery, handbags, homeware. I just like a spread of pretty things.

    I couldn't possibly photograph all my makeup. There's too much of it :giggle: maybe I'll just photograph some of the acrylic drawers that house my 'makeup in use'. There are then drawers and drawers of new makeup. I've stopped buying now because I ran out of space ;)
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  4. A glimpse of some of my makeup organisation. The first couple of pictures are clear drawers for the makeup I'm using. Then I have lots of new makeup and brushes, and perfumes etc that I'm not using yet, like these Chanel ones.

    These pictures are dedicated to @BigCherry who had to ask ;):giggle::coolio:

    (No I'm not a makeup artist.
    Yes, I'm fascinated with makeup.
    No, I'm rubbish at applying it :angel:)
  5. Wow Miss Dawn, you sure do know how to collect :wtf: :giggle:

    It's fascinating, like being in the middle of John Lewis. Thankfully I'm pretty basic with make up and only own 3 lipsticks and 2 of those are balms but I love love love Chanel allure, I've been wearing it about 15+ years now.

    You have wonderful taste and a voravious passion for what you like in life, do keep it up and keep posting please :tup::drinks:
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  6. :ps: HAAAA OMG!! Thank you for sending me your link!! I MUST show this pic to my BFF. Her birthday is next weekend & I just bought her a gift card to her favorite makeup haven store in town along w/ a few makeup goodies i chose for her. She would be in awe of your organization. Can you PLEASE come visit me & teach me, or better yet....just do it for me?!! Pretty please!!!
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  7. Hahaha
    Thank you for the compliments.
    Of course I will. We're going to have a bag and makeup party ;):hugs:
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  8. To bring my bag showcase thread back to bags (oops! :angel:) I thought I would recap on the bags I'm most enjoying, on a daily basis this summer for the work week :heart::hbeat:

    A quartet of vibrant top handle totes, with practical shoulder straps, from Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Salvatore Ferragamo.
  9. That is quite the quartet of fabulous beauties Miss Dawn! WOWEE Kazowee! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
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  10. Happy belated birthday and anniversary, Miss_Dawn! Your SDJ is amazing. I'm glad the customer service for your exchange went smoothly. Cute and sleek Gucci wallet, I like it. I adore your makeup organization!!!
    Thanks for tagging me and calling me out for my bag showcas thread (you are very kind) - I actually don't have one. :giggle::blush::facepalm:
    I'm currently on holidays. I've posted some of my bag pics in the 2017 Shopping your own collection thread,
    It's an active thread with lots of members' gorgeous bag pics :girlsigh::yahoo:
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    @More bags thank you for the compliments :blush:

    I just went through your collections on the shopping thread. wowzers! Gorgeous collection :yahoo: that bleu nuit alma is really something else! And that shocking pink reissue:love: Stunning!! Congratulations on all your beauties :congrats:

    ETA: I couldn't resist going through your whole collection one more time. That Celine box as well :girlsigh:
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  12. @Kendie26 thank you sweetie :flowers: I'm really enjoying them. I really should have added my turquoise Prada in the quartet of oft-worn summer work bags but that would have made it a quintet which is difficult to put in a collage :facepalm: I love them all :heart:
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  13. @Miss_Dawn, thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to me coming from you. It's funny how hard it is to capture the colour of my 13P Red Reissue, I think of it more as a raspberry red. Here's a better picture (less overexposed compared to the other one)
    Have a great week, lovely friend!
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  14. to your amazing organizational skills!!!!!! Ms. Dawn, I'm wondering how do you store your bags and slgs--you are an organizational guru, and there's so much for me to learn!!!!!
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