1. Thank you Andy.L.Park for such informative posts. I was willing to pay $5000USD for my rhinoplasty + alarplasty as I'm Australian-Asian so am technically a foreigner. But after reading your tips about haggling, I'm going to definitely try to beat those prices down so they're close to local prices and travel during the off-peak season
  2. Question...Plastic surgery clinics out of Gangnam and Apgujeong cheaper? because all Gangnam clinics seem overpriced
  3. Thank you for your information.
    I have a plan to go to Korea to have plastic surgery maybe this Fall or next April.
    Would you mind if I pm you to ask some information?
    Thank you
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    Actually, I wanna finish this all chapter in 5 episode but I have changed my mind becoz most of questioner who

    asked me through my thread don't know about Korea plastic clinic system more than I think.

    So, I have changed subject from hotel and shopping story to this,

    4. Consulting and Reservation.

    In conclusion, you'd better avoid sending deposit easily to make 'consulting' whoever ask or not.

    Normally, someone is talking to you, cannot get dr consulting or no time sound like some deep trouble going to

    happen for you but, believe me that's ******** obviously.

    Ah.. maybe there is waiting time but not meaning you cannot have Dr consulting. And you know what?

    Stop dreaming you can have consulting with dr after you get clinic immediately even you aleady have

    reservation with deposit paid for consulting. Becoz dr is not always sitting on the chair for you guys.

    We are calling 'fool idot' who paid deposit for just consulting, ok?

    Let me ask you guys something. Serious. I'm really curious about this. Are you guys pay deposit whenever you

    go to local clinic for consulting? I don't know about your country clinic system but we are not if that is not

    reservation for 'buy' or 'doing surgery' and 'real treatment'. Consulting fee...? hah.. be fair~.

    Why don't you think like this.

    You have a consulting with dr or consultant to know what surgery is good or need for you.

    Are you paying deposit or money to hotel staff for consulting to know which room is good for you?

    If you don't reserve 'surgery' or 'hotel room' then payment is not required.

    You can ignore if anyone ask you pay deposit for consulting bla bla... just ignore it.

    One exception is... Surgery reservation. That's really matter.

    If you make your decision in one specific clinic and strongly wish have surgery in there,

    then it does make a sense becoz you really going to get their biz method and the clinic also need prepare

    something for your surgery with spending something else whatever and mostly they cannot get another

    potential patient who want have a surgery in your reserved slot, anyway. Surgery slot is like a hotel.

    I think hotel's deposit is reasonable becoz they cannot get any customer if you dib a room eariler.

    Then make this simple, why they keep asking you pay deposit if you wanna have consulting?

    No more Two reason in my experience.

    1st, not make you research the another clinic. Do you think you can pay back after reservation cancelation?

    Again, stop dreaming. I bet really not easy and difficult.

    2nd, maybe your deposit will going to promoter's bank account.

    Becoz this is kinda reward system for sale promotions expense.

    They don't need ask to clinic for sales. Becoz now you paid for their commision, 20% deposit.

    There is more important thing.

    Bank Account Name.

    I don't know your country banking system but we(Korea) have the real-name financial system for transaction.

    Literally, Biz model(clinic) and account name must be 'Same'.

    Paypal? The account name also same.

    If you are talking with "(this is sample) 한국성형외과" then compare with bank account name when you send

    a money if you have to pay for any reason.

    If that name is not same then, 90% they are trying tax evasion or the another promoter company.

    Do you understand?

    Your deposit 20% (or higher) is sending for broker.

    Just keep this in your mind.

    Chap 5 will be next.

    PS : Damn, why no one tried to fix my broken English for me, except 3 very very good people -_-;;;

    Becoz 'So perfect? -_-;;;;;' plz~

    You all know my purpose! I'm getting lost my confidence.
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  5. great info! thanks :smile: My trip is planned for Nov, so I need all the info i can get
  6. xx
  7. aww I will fix it for you

    1. Why is no one fixing my broken English for me
    2. I'm losing my confidence.


    thank you for all the helpful information about clinics ^^
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    First to say this is for Singaporean or people who coming from Singapore and this is continual questioning

    of all patients if they wanna stay here in very long time.

    4. How can I go to Korea and stay...

    A. Airplain.

    Korean air-lines... Asiana air-lines... Singapore air-lines,

    I don't know the another airline for Korea and Singapore round-trip.

    Of course there is more cheapest and convient air-line(somewhere?) but I don't know.

    So, I tell you about travel by air-plane with this common standard 3 air-lines.

    In short, I would like to recommend just Korean and Asian air-line.

    Looks like I'm Korean and would being local company side but, that's not exactly~.

    First, Distance problem. Suddenly what distance I'm talking about?

    In fact, there is something make you tired doubly in the Incheon air-port.

    Not just Singapore and the another country air-line also have same problem.

    Train... yes, that stupid shuttle-train in the airport.

    Air Korea and Asiana Gate is located No.1~10 and so near and easy to find it from airport immigration

    gate but, the another foreign air-line gate is located over No.100 or more, so... you need to take a airport

    shuttle train after take a stair and long walk.

    I think that's not good idea if you are being patient after surgery.

    Air-ticket price... almost no difference between Korea airline one and another one in anytime.

    It's simple. Just take any Korea airline ticket.

    B. Accommodation

    I think this must be first consideration for you guys but, I don't know about this really.

    Becoz I'm Korean and have a house in Gangnam and my hometown -_-;;;

    Exactly, have never been in trouble for lodging place in Korea.

    Frankly, only experienced hotel(in my life) is Link hotel, SG. (Ridiculous, I'm calling vip in there kkkkk).

    So, This is based on my all SG patients talked after they've been here.

    Let's make this straight and short first.

    "Just find nearest hotel from your final decision clinic if there is not 'single or half star' hotel."

    "If you just wanna look around item clinics on your list for several times consult then,

    Take 2~3days reservation up front, any hotel located in halfway point of all list clinic for round-trip in

    research period.

    So many patients afraid if clinic is not confirming schedule or you don't get any reservation then cannot

    have a consulting or surgery..bla bla... Exactly, that's a 'haha...' in my sight.

    Do you think if you go to ps clinic without any appointment or reservation then they would refuse you

    becoz no consulting slot? It's quite the opposite becoz most of clinic could get more money from you

    foreigners than cheaper Korea events Korea local patients.

    Real problem is..

    Most of Korean consultant and promoter(broker) just saying is...

    "You should make a reservation and if you wanna make confirmation for it then send 20~30% deposit

    before you get here." Nah... Never happen they gonna refuse your visit. This is reality.

    I have some chinese fren and they come to here for botox oftenly but no one makes appointment ever.

    Maybe there is some waiting time but not over long hour or 1day. If you didn't eat anything then you

    could get any surgery (minor or general anything) in the day.

    Uh... where are we? Coming back to the subject,

    If I were you.. then I wouldn't get full reservation of whole trip period.

    Don't need make appointment with paying deposit not even if anyone is threatening you couldn't get

    consulting or surgery. Many patients regret having done surgery by their first decision before seeing

    around more clinic and realize they shouldn't have hurried.

    Just collect clinic information as much as you can first and reduce it all to 2~3 clinics without payment.

    Again... "No deposit up front."

    Seeing it all yourself is very very important thing in your life.

    Don't judge clinics at once or make a decision easily by web photo and virtual someone's talk.

    See it all clinic item on the list yourself and make a decision in first 2~3days.

    If you confirmed your surgery date then get nearest hotel or guesthouse whatever from your final clinic

    for the rest of days with enough.

    This is best option as I know and experienced from my foreign fren.

    I know this is going to be very offensive and hurtful talking...

    "Fools always believing internet people and paid money easily before being face to something and regret

    after know reality."

    I'll make this in short again.

    1. Use Korea company airline.

    2. Get 2~3days hotel reservation at first for Research time.

    3. Make your decision after seeing all clinics yourself and get the another nearest hotel from your final

    clinic in first 2~3days before you going to sleep on the street.

    Chapter 6 will be next..

    Have a good time in Korea.

    P.S : Thanks 'Alara'
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  9. Glad I found this thread. very useful information! ^^
    Loking forward for the next chapter Mr.Park.
    Btw, I also want to ask something to you, do you mine if I PM you?
  10. It doesn't matter
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    I've got very stupid promoter question by kakao pm just now.

    I aleady knew this someday is coming when someone is ripping on me behind of my back. ^^.

    Look guys and that one who asked me with weird singular Alphabet letter name.

    Question was... totally,

    She asked "How I could be confident with my thread what about Korea ps and that system through long

    chapter" in English. So, I asked her back 'who are you and why do you asking me like that?' in Korean.

    Of course she doesn't understand and I recognized she is not Korean or foreign patient but I don't assum

    she is taking my thread as it going to threatening her job, lure patients and drag'em into her knowing clinic.

    First to say sorry for banned you without notice becoz I don't like bother and talk twice for same and all

    knowing question.

    The reason how do I really know about this system is as I said from starter...

    I'm 100% Korean and worked for this Korea ps field in long time 12 years from 2004 when I was 29.

    The another reason why I'm writing my thread here, it was came from my SG fren's old story.

    A month ago? She sent me pm asking to know one issue of here, purseforum.

    I read it and found the another thread also was something wrong from my experience.

    So, now I'm just writing my poor experience-based knowledge. (English practicing is additional bonus to me.)

    Have you guys seen any sweet honeyed-word about Korea ps in my thread?

    I tried to write some negative factor and dark side what you should know and careful.

    I'm Warning, you next asking promoter who going to send that stupid question like I'm rumor maker bla bla...

    I'll make a public your ID and we going to have some talk about KPS issues here officially if you know this well.

    And then you can tell me, I'm rumor setter bla bla.. Try it again.

    Have a good time in Korea.
  12. Haha, correcting for grammar takes longer than I thought, but I will try to finish correcting to help you.
    Thank you for all the tips!
    Do you mind adding me on kakao? My ID is Elena49
    I'm choosing between two doctors for incisional des and epi, and I am wondering if you might have an opinion on them.
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  13. Hey matchacat
    I'm Australian-Asian too :smile: I am looking for good doctor for my nose, my budget is 4,000~5,000 usd and I got the tips from here :smile: When will you go to Korea? I will be there in Sep :smile:
  14. It won't let me type in Korean so I took a screenshot.
  15. It'll be my honor, very thank you so much ^^
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