1. I believe this is authentic
  2. I believe this is authentic
  3. Dear average Joe ☺️

    Thank you very much for your reply. I really, really, really appreciate it!

    Now I can sleep again

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  4. Dear Aberage Joe

    I maybe have one last question.

    Now that I know that the bag is real, I can't help wondering: How come the 'i' in DIOR (in the Made in stamp inside the bag) is all smothered out? The dot over the 'i' is smothered out into two dots. I thought that these thing would never happen with an authentic bag? As well as the DIOR-letters on the little square gold logo in front of the bag - they are uneven and 'bumpy'. How come? Because that was the main reasons that I thought the bag was fake ☺️

    Thank you!
  5. The foil stamp inside is done by hand, and sometimes it doesn't look perfect. Also, maybe some of the metallic foil in the stamp has smudged out over time with rubbing (?).

    As for the logo in front, it seems that the font is darker inside, suggesting that the letters have been coloured (with lacquer maybe). Either the lacquer has worn off in parts, or is done imperfectly by hand, and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Dior pieces back then were often made by licensed companies rather than the brand itself. This doesn't happen anymore, not after Bernard Arnault bought Dior's licenses back, but the problem with licensing products out is that sometimes there are levels of craftsmanship that differ from the rest of the products from the brand, since it is made by a different company.
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  6. Wauw. You sure know your way around Dior:amazed: Thank you for a very quick respond and for a very pleasing answer to my question. I am so happy that my bag is authentic! Thanks, Average jOE :amuse:
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  7. I have this vintage pure but i'm not sure if it is authentic??
    I can't see any writing on the inside and the logo looks crooked

    20170817_154026 (1).jpg
  8. I am not an authenticater, and I know nothing about Dior bags. But for your own sake you should upload more pictures!
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  9. Please see post 1 for photo requirements.
  10. so more pictures?
  11. yes please, with as many details as possible.
  12. Hi kindly help me authenticate this Christian Dior mini diorama...
    Name-limited edition Christian Dior diorama mini metallic silver
    Seller's name -parminder.11
    Item number-222611851334Unfortunately the listing has ended but the seller was able to send the the pictures below...thanks in advance
  13. Hi everyone! Appreciate if you can help me authentic this Lady Dior bag :smile:

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Item name: Lady Dior in Lambskin with Gold Hardware
    Online reseller name: welovechanel.sg (carousell seller)
    Direct URL link: https://carousell.com/welovechanel.sg/

    image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png
  14. Hi! Could you help me with this bag?