1. Thank you for posting this! I also saw this deal online a few days ago and I should get mine in the mail today. I was secretly hoping it would be the new version and not the Gold hardware. NM is notorious for having the wrong photos on bags for some reason. I can't wait now !
  2. Ohh great!! Yes- definitely the new version! You'll be so happy with it I think.

    Lol- I know what you means about Neimans! They never list items accurately, so I had NO idea what I'd be receiving!

    When I ordered it, my friend said, "Just prepare yourself- it could be the tuxedo version or have studs all over it!"
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  3. Wow great deal! Wish I had seen that, I've been thinking about adding one in the small size to my collection. Congrats❣️
  4. Switched from Speedy 30 Bandouliere to Antigona as my workbag.
    I just moved the organizer from one bag to another and it fits fine.
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  5. Beautiful blue Antigona! I'm thinking about adding the small size to my collection and black w/ SHW would be my standard choice but that blue is my favorite color and I don't have a bag that color :smile:
  6. IMG_1502564178.988636.jpg
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  7. Nice!.... I was considering getting a Bambi charm too, but couldn't get over how huge it was
  8. Love my ant!!!! Such a great one for work and travel

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  9. I agree, Givenchy bags are classic and practical.
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  10. I'm torn between getting a gray, purple or oxblood small Ant. I just got another purse in bordeaux, close to the oxblood color so I'm leaning on purple or gray but still can't decide. Gray might be too light a color for me as I'm very clumsy lol I eat everywhere! :lol: while purple, on the other hand, seems like too close on the dark burgundy color that I have recently acquired. I also think that I might have a hard time matching my outfits with the purple ant. What do you guys think?
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  11. Gray is always one of my favorites! You won't have any issues matching.
  12. All great color choices. I think purple will be able to stand on its own, unless you want to put a comparison pic for us to see how close your Bordeaux is to the purple.

    Or else, the navy color is divine.
  13. IMG_1502867008.909030.jpg
    Got this beautiful bag, and I am thinking if I should keep or return it.

    I have this Lv bag, which looks like antigona below.

    I am thinking of antigona in replacement for my speedy.

    Ladies I need advice if I should keep it
  14. I think the Antigona is a great Speedy replacement! I had the Speedy Bandouliere 30 and sold it, because I felt the use of the shoulder strap warped my bag (especially the zipper). My small Antigona does not have that problem and retains its structure!
  15. @misscooper18 thanks for the advice! I Guess I will keep it. Been reading the threads here and pin interest, the review for the bag is pretty good