1. Paddock botte online too in Lime and Bleu Zanzibar. I love how they look but i can't justify over $1000 for a bag charm...
  2. Rodeos moving very slowly!
  3. So many of them!!
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  4. Gonna get one!!! So cute!
  5. Think they are all sold out!
  6. Guess I missed it! May I ask what color were available before?
  7. Screenshot_20170816-183539.png
    These are what came up when I looked but already sold out!
  8. Thanks Kiki!

    The Pm are so cute! I was after the Celeste lime one guess I didn't miss out hahaa
  9. Maybe check your SA and see if they have in store?
  10. It was available, not sure if it was PM or MM. Also the Rose Azalee/malachite combo.
  11. rodeo always gone so fast!! I would love to score a malachite too! I have never seen it in real life
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  12. Yes there was a Celeste lime malachite orange poppy one. PM size also. Was available when I first notified they were up :/
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  13. :O were all these colours in Pm sizes??! I didn't know malachite was still in production :sad:
  14. I'm too slow to get one :crybaby: Hopefully next time.
    Rodeo so cute, no wonder they are popular!
  15. Awww I'd ove to have a picotin verso