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    Hi. I just received a pre-loved Marcie from Fashionphile in excellent condition. It doesn't have the crossbody strap and was priced at $650 which I think is excellent. The color is called Anenome Pink and it's a dusty rose, almost mauve. Should I keep it? The second pic really depicts the color (not the mod shot).
    I rotate my bags pretty often and have a nice selection so this won't be an everyday bag for me. My other option is return this and buy a brand new Mini Marcie crossbody in either cashmere gray or tan. Or just return it and not buy anything for now.

    IMG_0865.JPG IMG_0867.JPG
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  2. Does it make you happy? does it make you squeal with joy?
  3. It doesn't make me squeak with joy, but it's a fantastic price and I love the style and leather. I wish it was a different color but I'm also not willing to spend $2K on a new one to get the exact color I want. I would buy a new Mini Marcie but $1K is my personal limited for Chloe. If I enter the 2K range, I would buy rather buy LV leather or Chanel. I'm conflicted I suppose!
  4. If you're not absolutely in love with it, I wouldn't keep it at any price. Good luck deciding!
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  5. I feel like you don't seem too excited about it, just that you were able to snag it at a deal. There's no crossbody strap and your other option is a crossbody so that might be an issue for you / you won't wear it as much? Good luck with your decision!
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  6. I would not keep it if I were you because you seem to be compromising quite a bit.650 is still quite some money that you could use to save for a bag you love.
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  7. Good deals are great, but only if you absolutely love it! I think you should keep it - but only if you couldn't imagine giving it up!
  8. Thank you for your help! I've decided to return it. I LOVE the style and the leather but I am just meh on the color and even though $650 is a deal, it's still a lot of money for meh. I would be settling on the color because of the price.
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  9. Thanks for posting this! I was considering buying the pink online (I'm in Australia and it's not available here) but it looks so different in real life!
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  10. I think there's another pink that's more of a blush, but this is Anenome Pink and it's really a dusty rose or mauve color. It's very strong. It's not for me. Don't get me wrong, I like bold colors and I actually have a bright pink LV Alma but I wanted more of a neutral for this bag. I really love the style though so I'm going to continue to keep an eye out!

    Good luck with your search!
  11. I would return it!
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  12. Rerere
  13. It was a beautiful bag, but if you don't feel that excitement when you look at/ hold it then return is the way to go. I agree that $650 is a lot to spend for something that doesn't really do it for you. I hope you find that right bag soon!!
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