1. :ps: :clap: :love::happydance::loveeyes: AHHHHHH! OMGOMGOMG girl! Biggest Congrats to you dear friend!! She is super el-gorgeoso!! Thank you for alerting me to your splendid new bag! & a big hello to my other sweet friend @Miss_Dawn:wave:
    Heck-hello everyone in this thread! I've long admired YSL but haven't taken the plunge yet....someday soon though.
    I am in utter hysterics w/ Miss_Dawn asking about skin head because I was also wondering!! You 2 are the best...love ya both & you look uber chic in your mod BC! I'm kind of jealous but VERY happy for you! We need to find a way to merge our bag closets!:yes: It shouldn't be that difficult w /m being across the pond! :Smooch: :smooch::drinks:
  2. Hello @Kendie26 sweetheart :heart:
    I love how enthusiastic you always are :smooch:

    I want in on this @Kendie26 @BigCherry bag closet merger :hugs: Pan-Atlantic merger!

    I have been thinking hard about what Saint Laurent would suit you @Kendie26
    This is the sort of bag dilemma I like!

    I only have two Saint Laurent myself, both of which are very structured (Cabas Tote and Sac de Jour).

    I think you prefer softer shapes so I've shortlisted 3 options for you based on what I've seen on TPF and in store:

    - Shopping Tote. It's a bit like your Celine tote, but very affordable price point and a softer silhouette. It looks soft and smushy.
    - Monogram WOC. There's a so black option right now which is a bit more under-the-radar, which I think you like. And I think SL WOCs are bigger than your Chanel WOC.
    - Monogram Lou Lou, small. Because a lady with such a fabulous chain flap bag wardrobe as yourself dear @Kendie26 must be in want of another one ;)
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  3. Ha ha yes they should meet but it won’t be at the athletics championship because I’m working and the only bag I’m carrying is a tool bag - I should post that in the what bag I’m carrying today thread :whut:

    I remember your pink SDJ very well, the one with the matching lilies, it’s beautiful and so vibrant. Mine would be such an insipid sight beside it :lol::lol:

    Enjoy your day today :ghi5:
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  4. Thanks Kendie for the lovely compliments as always. I’ve always wanted a SDJ and many things stopped me: too similar to micro luggage, then quality issues appeared on tpf, not the right colour etc. Next thing along comes souple and the perfect shade of pink for me and bingo!! You’ll pull the trigger when you see The One!! Now you pack a large tent and all your bags and that chain Chanel Boy wallet and Chevron woc and we will pitch in Miss Dawn’s garden for a week and have a bag party. And play with her make up :giggle: :drinks:
  5. Ha, i :heart: it! So i did mean a "3-way" closet merger @Miss_Dawn (sorry if that wasn't clear) Per my preferences i actually lean MUCH more heavily in the structured bag arena. For many years i was a die-hard Balenciaga lover w/ soft/smoothly bags (still appreciate Bals but I prefer much more structure for both my work & casual time bags now)...thus my double C love of chanel & Celine. I've tried the YSL tote on & a few others but it's def the sac de jour i always come back to ...& i love the small Lou Lou too (have 1 saved in an online shopping cart:blush:...so now I'll think of you when i see it!)
    Big Cherry my dearest, so happy you found your perfect shade of pink in this amazing bag! Would so LOVE to come see you gals as I'm dying to see your country....& hey, if Miss_Dawn is doing "make-overs" I'm definitely coming! I'm a total makeup junkie as well:tup::hugs:
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  6. Oops, see above post ....I'm messing up again w/ multi-quotes
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  7. @Kendie26 @BigCherry

    I love it! Bag and makeup party...
    Heaven! The Pink Ladies are on.
    (I saw Stockard Channing at the theatre last weekend so I'm in a very Grease mood of mind anyways ;))

    You're on. I'll pitch the tent and provide the maquillage :heart:
    @Kendie26 I'm afraid I'm all set on that front ;):blush::giggle:

    I had the best day at the Athletics. I want to go run now. Or jump. :dothewave:

    @Kendie26 if you actually do like structured then the SDJ is definitely the best option. Although you may also like something like my cabas monogram. She's very structured.

    @BigCherry I'd love to see the reaction to your tool box on the what purse are you carrying thread. Hahaha :tup:

    You guys are so much fun. I have to get off TPF and stop making Mr Dawn a TPF widower :giggle:
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  8. Hi All!
    My replacement small fog souple arrived in beautiful condition! Thanks for encouraging me not to settle in the scratched one!
  9. Excellent news! :congrats:
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  10. @BBcity I’m so very pleased for you. Enjoy your perfect new bag in good health :ghi5:
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  11. @BigCherry how is your gorgeous souple doing?
    I'm waiting for it and your tool box to make an appearance on the what purse are you carrying thread :angel:
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  12. You’re so funny @Miss_Dawn - I will pack it up later and use it tomorrow just for you :hugs:

    And me of course :lol::lol:
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  13. Don't put the tools in souple!!!!
    Hahaha I can just imagine the shockwaves reverberating through TPF... "And now we have member @BigCherry who has decided to put her £££/$$$ handbag to utilitarian if somewhat unorthodox use"
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  14. :giggle: What a fabulous idea....
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    I just received the small supple sdj today and saw the medium before I made my selection. I have to say that this bag in the small is Just So Special It is classic/ modern/practical all at the same time and the small is not small especially in the supple it is roomy & easy to wear. It's my new favorite bag ❤️ The Leather is amazing/suede lining!