1. Thanks alot!
  2. Thank you! This forum really helped me. Already returned the bag and got my money back... ;)
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  4. Hello

    I was hoping to get this Icy Stam authenticated.

    Item Name (if you know it): Icy? Stam
    Link (if available): I don't have a link, but I ahve the eBay Auction number (332373798444)
    Seller: station_85
    Who took the pictures: The pictures I'm posting are the ones I took.
    History of the bag: I purchased the bag on eBay and it just arrived today
    Comments: One area that looks a little bit strange to me is the scrunched area at the top of the bag. I'm used to the stitching being tight with the leather, but the stitching on this bag seems to float above the leather.
    IMG_3389.JPG IMG_3397.JPG IMG_3399.JPG IMG_3405.JPG IMG_3403.JPG IMG_3402.JPG IMG_3401.JPG
  5. Is the engraving on the zipper pull as wonky in person or is it the photo? I pulled an old photo of one of my FA05 bags for comparison - yours looks like it isn't properly spaced or centered?

    Aside from that, the nameplate and season tag look fine. Stitching may have loosened with age/use. Can you take a clear photo of the kiss-lock engraving, the engraving on a different zipper pull, and the underside of the zipper?
  6. Hello!

    The engraving on the inside pocket zipper is a little wonky :sad:. The picture makes it look worse than it does in person.

    Here are pictures of the kiss lock engraving, the outside zipper pull, and the lampo stamp on the inside of the outside pocket zipper. Thank you for the help!

    .IMG_3414.JPG IMG_3413.JPG IMG_3412.JPG
  7. That zipper looks better.

    Interior zipper does look odd but since everything else looks ok, I think you're fine.
  8. Just purchased this grey MbMJ Washed Up Billy hobo for 20 bucks. It’ll be a great deal if it’s authentic :p

    The quality of the leather feels so much more different than my Totally Turnlock bowler and my large Ukita. The TT is super smooshy soft, the Ukita isn’t as supple but feels thick.
    The WUB feels soft to the touch (the exterior feels exactly like my old MbMJ Flash Leola hobo, same material too) but not smooshy- it feels thin and the strap feels....erm, cheap.
  9. Can you post a photo of the interior tags and of the entire bag?
  11. Thanks. Sorry for the confusion, though; I meant the interior tag(s) like the made in tag and, if it has one, the model tag.
  12. Oops lol, here is the made in tag!
  13. Authentic
  14. hello,I just bought marc jacobs snapshot via online,coul you please check is this authentic or no?thankyou
  15. Authenticate this? Also trying to sell on a site that requires a pic of the heat stamp...I'm new to all of this...where is that on this Bag? Thanks in advance! This is the Jean Cross Body.
    IMG_7081.JPG IMG_7082.JPG
    IMG_7117.JPG IMG_7119.JPG