1. Your Diegos are gorgeous! Love the iridescent!
  2. Thank you!☺️
  3. Those are just gorgeous!!! I have the small oxblood with silver HW. Now I want yours as well! :love: I was in Barneys last week and got to see a bunch of other AW designs in person. I still think the Diego is the fairest of them all. Also seems to have exceptionally high quality leather compared to the others (with exception of the Rocco/Rockie which is the same). I also carried my Diego while shopping in Celine, Prada, Tom Ford and a bunch of other high end boutiques and did not find any leathers as substantial as my beautiful AW. There were some that were softer and finer, but nothing as thick and supple. Great, great value for the price!!!
  4. I agree! I own other luxury brands and I still go to either of these first lol I ALWAYS get compliments on either.💕💕
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and this thread got me really excited for my first Alexander Wang piece. I bought a small red Diego online last week and it's due to arrive today CAN'T WAIT!:biggrin::biggrin:
  6. welcome! how exciting - please share a pic with us when you get it. i don't think i've seen a red Diego before!
  7. Beware your gonna fall in love! Their a wee bit heavier than other bags but you'll quickly get used to it🎀
  8. Is it here? Is it here??? Be sure to post pics!!!:woot:
  9. Hi. Hopefully you are madly in love with you bag😍 We're still awaiting pictures lol😁
  10. Hey everyone :smile: I was just curious to know if any of you own the Alpha bucket bag and how it compares to the Diego x
  11. Does anyone know if the Diego ever came in the thermochromic heat sensitive leather?